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Trump’s Timeout on Immigrants is Common Sense

With world events often happening faster than we can even process the information, it’s easy to forget terror attacks, as in Paris: 130 dead, just a little over one year ago. Or, FBI Director James Comey’s statements that there are violent extremist investigations in every single state in the United States. Or, Security Analyst and Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka who...

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A Matter of Taste, Judgment

Watching Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes last weekend made me nostalgic for Marlon Brando’s 1973 rejection of an Academy Award and his representation on stage that night by a very polite and dignified 27-year-old Apache, Sacheen Littlefeather. Brando’s move was major-league revolutionary and iconoclastic, a statement of protest against the movie industry itself and its depiction of...

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Another Country

Increasingly, California does look like another country. It hews so far to extremes on immigration issues that it’s difficult to see how it can be reconciled with reasonable policies. So a Calexit, or California secession, from the United States to form a new country, as has been proposed, might not be that radical of an idea. California’s leaders love illegal immigration, so the new...

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Remembering the California Victims of Terrorist Couple’s Evildoing

San Bernardino has become one more American city that will be remembered for being the site of a mass shooting. A year ago this month in California’s Inland Empire, a terrorist couple, armed with pipe bombs, handguns, rifles and more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, killed 14 people, wounded 22 and then were killed in a police shootout. They left behind their newborn baby to grow up...

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Can Blockbuster Filmmaking Raise Awareness of the Overpopulation Problem?

Harvard professor, code breaker and expert symbologist Robert Langdon returned in author Dan Brown’s 2013 bestseller, Inferno, with Florence, Italy, and Dante’s The Divine Comedy providing the reader with the art and historical backdrop for a page-turning fiction thriller. Actor Tom Hanks reprises the role of Langdon, the unlikely sleuth and hero, in the $75 million film version of...

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UCLA Students Savage Mother Whose Son was Killed by an Illegal Alien

Sabine Durden with her son, Dominic, killed by an illegal alien who was driving drunk. Perhaps some of today’s college students are trying to be relevant – to stake a claim to a cause in the vein of the 1960s Vietnam War protests. If that’s the case, essential critical thinking skills to identify actual causes that might have a positive...

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CAPS Invites Students to Opine about 'Crowdifornia' in Writing Competition

Do today’s youth think our world of 7.45 billion people is overpopulated, with recent years seeing net numbers grow from between 81 and 88 million people annually (and no immediate end to this level of growth in sight)? What about on a more localized level? California is now home to more than 39 million people, a quadrupling of population since 1950.   Some insight into that question...

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Tigers, 3,000; Homo sapiens, 7.4 billion

Man continues his march using poorly chosen metrics to measure his success, namely, growth at any cost. This thought, and the number “3,000,” has been very much on my mind since yesterday, which was International Tiger Day.   Three thousand. That’s the estimated number of tigers still living in the wild. Just 100 years ago, the estimated number was 100,000. Near decimation...

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U.S. Finally Gets a Presidential Candidate Who Takes on Utter Failure of Open Borders Policies

After years of being ignored or dismissed, last night millions of Americans were given a voice when billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump accepted the GOP nomination for President of the United States, directly and clearly calling out the country’s massive immigration failure in all its reality, and promising, “We will be a country of law and order.”  ...

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More Heinous Crimes at the Hand of an Illegal Alien

By way of Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR), I came across this story of yet another illegal alien, deported many times – six according to the story – who committed murder. Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez was arrested in the shooting deaths of two men and one woman, as well as the shooting injury of another man. A year ago, Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien in San...

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