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Immigration and the ‘Mushroom Treatment’

During my career with the former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service), my colleagues and I would refer to those instances when we knew that we were not being given critical information or were being provided with false or misleading information as being given the “mushroom treatment.” We used that term because the way to cultivate and grow mushrooms is to keep them in the dark and feed...

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How? Why?

As Americans, we need to more frequently ask our political leaders “How?” and “Why?” When politicians say, in unison and virtually by rote, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform would help the U.S. economy,” we need to ask, “How?” Each year, $100 to $200 billion is wired out of the United States to the home countries of both legal and illegal foreign workers in the U.S. Clearly, this has an impact on...

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Administration's Immigration Policies Create De Facto Amnesty, Encourage More Illegal Immigration

The Senate bill (S.744) that would have created Comprehensive Immigration Reform was defeated in the last session of Congress. The media played up the fact that Americans who opposed that disastrous legislation “won.” Most so-called “journalists” noted that the “victory” belonged to the “Anti-Immigrant” groups. Of course it is anything but Anti-Immigrant to oppose the implementation of a massive...

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Laws Irrelevant if not Enforced

Generally laws are enacted to deter undesirable activities or actions. The enforcement of such laws is primarily done for two reasons: to punish those who commit the violations of laws and to deter others who would contemplate violating those same laws. Our immigration laws exist for two primary purposes: to protect innocent lives and the jobs of American workers. It is generally agreed that the...

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Trading National Security for Profit

Once again the call is going out to loosen visa requirements – this time to increase profits through higher levels of tourism. According to a February 23, 2014 Newsmax article, “Easing Visa Rules Could Bring in $123 Billion a Year,” a Cato Institute report finds that eliminating the visa requirement for “many foreigners” could increase the annual number of foreign tourists to the United States....

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NYC Mayor Determined to Give Illegal Aliens ID Cards

The term “carte blanche” is a French term that translates as “white card” or “blank paper.” In English it’s used to mean “free reign” or a “blank check” – meaning that because the space is blank where the check amount normally would be, the bearer can write in any amount. Another way of describing this is to say that for the person who has been given carte blanche, price is no object. The concept...

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Sounding the Retreat

The Republican “leaders” of the House of Representatives went off to conduct a retreat where they could, out of the glare of the media, conduct discussions about how to deal with the thorny immigration issue. That politicians take political ramifications into account when they contemplate acting on an issue is to be expected. It is unfathomable, however, that they would betray their oaths of...

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Immigration Tunnel Vision

Time and again, politicians who discuss immigration and the need for what they deem “reform” talk about the need to “first secure the border.” On January 28, 2014, President Obama gave his State of the Union address and, not surprisingly, called for passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. He did not spend much time on this, apparently so as to not alienate the Republicans whose support in...

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The Masquerade Ball

On January 10, 2013, news reports appeared throughout New York City about how individuals dressed in full costume (including as various Toy Story and Disney cartoon characters) had groped and pinched women passing them on a Manhattan street. The CBS radio report that appeared online was typical of these reports: “Man Dressed As ‘Toy Story’ Character Arrested In Times Square On Sex Abuse Charges”...

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Crunch Time

As a cost-savings strategy, Congress recessed without extending unemployment benefits for out-of-work Americans, media reported December 28. Unemployed Americans were interviewed, and, as would be expected, they talked about how traumatic it is to not find work and now lose an important source of support too. Not addressed was how the United States continues to admit more authorized foreign...

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