Puzzled Mayors Scratch Heads, Wonder What a Sanctuary City Really Is

Nobody knows what a sanctuary city is – no one!

That’s the latest excuse sanctuary city mayors and immigration advocates offer in their disingenuous effort to ensure that tens of millions of dollars in federal funding to local jurisdictions will keep pouring in even though they steadfastly and illegally refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

CAPS Releases Arizona Ad Asking if Sen. Flake is President Trump’s Friend or Foe

This week, CAPS released a television ad that will be broadcast throughout Arizona and will be, for the next several weeks, aired during prime time on Fox News in Phoenix.

Determined Durbin DREAMing Again

Despite 25 years of defeat, Sen. Dick Durbin proposes to try yet once again to pass DREAM Act-like legislation that would give permanent legal status to 740,000 deferred action beneficiaries (DACAs). Despite his spectacularly bad record, Durbin is determined to try again in the new Congress. As of today, DACAs have temporary permission to live and work in the United States.

Obama Gives Up on Amnesty – or Does He?

Just a few days after Donald Trump’s victory, Justice Department lawyers and lawyers from the 26 states that brought the law suit which challenged DACA and DAPA agreed to defer further litigation on Obama’s amnesty programs to the incoming administration.

As I Was Saying …

On October 12, my CAPS blog post reported that the Supreme Court had declined rehearing the Obama amnesty case, U.S. v. Texas. The 4-4 tie vote frustrated immigration advocacy groups, and the five million illegal aliens who had hoped to get work permission and other affirmative benefits.

Obama is at it Again: Amnesty Teleconference – You’re not Invited

The Obama administration’s determination to grant lawful permanent residence to illegal immigrants without congressional approval marches on unabated. Obama’s goal is to dismantle as much immigration law as possible during his remaining weeks in the White House.

DACA Turns Four

DACA’s ‘Future Eligible Children’
anticipate their work permits.

Ryan Primary Win Disappointment to Americans Wanting Less Immigration, Refugee Resettlement Abroad

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s easy primary win over challenger Paul Nehlen could have been predicted.

House Speaker Ryan Push, Push, Pushing for Amnesty

Illegal aliens will get right with the law, learn English, assimilate, pay fines and get work permits. Sure, we’ll secure the border, fix our broken immigration system. What I’m proposing really isn’t amnesty or a reward for illegal immigrants, blah, blah, blah.

No Rest for Weary Immigration Enforcement Advocates; Gang of Eight Returns in 2017

Four months before the November 8 presidential election, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) predicted that a huge turnout among Hispanic voters would doom the Republican Party.