Opinion Releases

Hawaii Judge: Island Tourism More Crucial than National Security

By Joe Guzzardi
March 16, 2017
Predictably, an unelected federal court judge in Hawaii blocked President Donald Trump’s revised temporary travel ban on some Middle Eastern nations. Even though the Constitution gives the president the authority to suspend immigration as he deems necessary, a federal court usurped the chief executive’s power.

Tiny Middletown, Conn., Defies Trump on City’s Sanctuary Status; Mayor Tells President to Go Fly a Kite!

By Joe Guzzardi
March 15, 2017
The Center for American Progress (CAP), a Washington, D.C., think tank Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager John Podesta founded, has released a new report that puts the total of sanctuary cities and counties at about 600, roughly twice previous estimates.

Jobs Report Encouraging, but Trump Inaction on Employment-Based Visas Worrisome

By Joe Guzzardi
March 13, 2017
Wall Street hailed the February Bureau of Labor Statistics report which reflected a 235,000 job gain as a major Trump administration triumph. The payroll survey of corporations tallied those 235,000 new positions, but the alternate household survey is even more impressive, a resounding 447,000 jobs gain.

Trump Immigration Plan Effective, Fewer Illegal Crossers, Higher Smuggling Fees

By Joe Guzzardi
March 9, 2017
At long last, immigration activists can properly claim that through its enforcement policies, the federal government is “breaking up families.” This allegation, a purposeful distortion, is a preferred arguing point the pro-immigration lobby offers to make its case against removing illegal immigrants from the interior.

Trump’s Revised Refugee Executive Order Should Withstand Court Challenge – but Will It?

By Joe Guzzardi
March 7, 2017
The fine print in President Donald Trump’s revised executive order does more than pause travel from Muslim-majority Middle Eastern nations. The order includes an effort to raise public awareness about the potential danger inadequately vetted refugees pose, an important threat to the homeland that the media often downplays or ignores.

California, Mexico Double Team Trump to Thwart President’s Immigration Goals

By Joe Guzzardi
March 6, 2017
California and Mexico, acting separately but with similar goals, are on a fast track to subvert President Trump’s commitment to federal immigration law enforcement.

Behind the Sessions’ Witch Hunt

By Joe Guzzardi
March 3, 2017
Every time Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer or his House equivalent Nancy Pelosi scream outrage, rest assured that their end game is to delegitimize President Trump’s administration and to delay his legislative progress on tax cuts, health legislation and immigration reform.

Trump’s Speech: the Immigration Points

By Joe Guzzardi
March 1, 2017
President Donald Trump’s rousing address to a joint session of Congress reinforced his image as a leader who will put Americans’ interests first, and it offered a much-needed helping hand to the nation’s vulnerable workers.

Maricopa County’s New Sheriff Penzone Releasing Criminal Aliens, a ‘Dangerous’ Change Says ICE

By Joe Guzzardi
February 27, 2017
As the old adage goes, be careful what you wish for. Last year, Maricopa County, Arizona, voters elected retired Phoenix police sergeant Paul Penzone to replace six-term incumbent Sheriff Joe Arpaio. In 2012, Arpaio barely edged out Penzone. The end to 24 years in office served by “America’s toughest sheriff,” as Arpaio liked to call himself in reference to his commitment to enforcing immigration laws, surprised few.

Trump: World’s Most Famous Man

By Joe Guzzardi
February 24, 2017
President Donald Trump is the world’s most famous man. That’s the conclusion that astronomer and science humorist Eric Schulman made according to a metric he developed using AltaVista to find webpage mentions for high-visibility individuals.