Waking from the Dream -- Garrett Hardin

This interview with Garrett Hardin was a part of the CAPS 2000 Conference, "Waking from the Dream: Population and the Environment at theMillennial Edge." It was the first comprehensive conference ever held focusing onpopulation and the environment for the new millennium and was attended by international notables,experts in the environmental field, local celebrities and supporters throughout the United States. The conference featured a variety of informative and entertaining special events, appearances by renowned environmental experts, and intriguing insights into the realities of overpopulation on our environment. CAPS realized its vision of educating and informing activists, environmentalists, media representatives,academics and government officials on various ways to protect California's precious resources.The conference was held at the prestigious Davidson Conference Center at USC, and took full advantage of its uniquetiming and location, as the event occurred on the brink of the Democratic National Convention.

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