Special Projects

Gone are the days when Americans only watched three TV networks, communicated mostly by U.S. mail versus email or could call that one lobbyist on Capitol Hill to change the course of debate overnight. Today, media has never been more fractured. There’s a new poll every day. Pundits, lobbyists and influence peddlers are too numerous to count. And they’re all combining to bombard Americans, including our lawmakers, with their own spin. Simply relying on one approach to raise awareness of out-of-control population growth would be inadequate. A multi-pronged approach is required to achieve the best result. That’s why CAPS operates multiple projects through multiple channels simultaneously. It’s the best way to ensure our message breaks through the clutter. Here are a few CAPS projects underway now. Take a look and if you feel strongly about certain projects, we welcome your support.

Overpopulation Awareness Campaign

Has five related components:  Television, Radio and Print Media Campaigns, Legislative Action Alert Program, Senior Writing Fellows Program, Demographic Data Analysis Project, Open Dialogue Program, College Outreach Program

California: Then, Now

Officially titled, "The California We Are Losing – Views of Our Golden State from the Pristine to Imperiled," this project's purpose is to increase awareness about the long-term effects of relentless population growth on special places near and dear to our hearts. We have produced a 60-second promotional video showing the visual juxtaposition of yesterday’s and today’s changed landscapes which we hope will help inspire public action to help save our Golden State from further irreversible environmental degradation. We have begun collecting memories and pictures from members, have launched a Pinterest page dedicated to the project and have hired an intern who will be solely dedicated to this project.

Television, Radio and Print Media Campaigns

CAPS reaches a large audience with our television ads, shown in various parts of California and the U.S. They run morning and evening hours on all major TV stations (ABC, NBC, CBS and on cable channels such as Fox News) for weeks at a time. Our radio ads run on major stations for multi-week periods during prime-time. Our print ads have appeared in major national newspapers and in online venues like the National Journal. All material for ads is produced by media professionals and can be seen on our website, www.CAPSweb.org where we have many millions of hits a year.

Legislative Action Alert Program

The concerns of our members and activists are transformed into effective lobbying via our website, where we describe pending legislation which relates to overpopulation driven by over immigration and why action is needed. With this tool, our supporters and the public can reach elected officials in seconds by e-mail or fax with either prewritten or personal letters about specific bills. We also provide ways to send printed letters and provide telephone numbers to call.

Senior Writing Fellows Program

Our print and online media coverage reaches a national audience. Our Senior Writing Fellows are published in dozens of national and regional newspapers such as The San Diego Union TribuneThe Washington TimesThe Los Angeles TimesThe Bulletin in Philadelphia, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and in online newspapers and hundreds of internet blogs. CAPS professional video equipment is frequently used by our writers when they film events or interview prominent scholars or other Americans with special knowledge or experience in areas of interest to us. Many of these videos can be seen on our website and are emailed to our member/activist list and uploaded to YouTube.

Open Dialogue Program

CAPS sponsors, participates in and videotapes forums, seminars, and academic panels throughout California and the nation. Our academic board, staff and consultants speak to civic and educational groups and testify before public bodies. Videos of most events can be viewed on our website.

College Outreach Program

We developed a new program to encourage college and university students in California to compete for scholarships which answer the question "What are the causes and effects of overpopulation on the environment, education and overall quality of life?"

Population Education for Environmental Scientists

We exhibit at scientific conferences where we are able to present information on the nature of U.S. population growth and of the clear feasibility of curbing it.