CA State Sen. Lara Back at it…More for Illegal Immigrants, Less for Citizens

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By Joe Guzzardi

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January 11, 2017

California State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) is promoting yet another round of expanded benefits for the state’s illegal aliens.

This time around Lara’s recently introduced SB 68 proposes that two years of community college would count the equivalent of the current three-year schooling requirement or a high school diploma in order for illegal immigrants to qualify for instate tuition under California’s Dream Act. Other qualifying standards were also loosened. With the ongoing Central American border surge that includes hundreds of high school age aliens, SB 68 could have far reaching fiscal consequences.

California ignores staggering debt, proposes more giveaways for illegal immigrants.

Expanding the potential applicant pool, as SB 68 does, is more bad news for California’s citizen children who aspire to attend a UC or Cal State university. In his statement that focused on illegal immigrants and dismissed whatever concerns citizen students and their taxpaying parents rightfully have, Lara said that SB 68 “…will fight Trump and support undocumented students in California as they seek higher education.”

If Lara’s bill becomes law, and he has a virtually unbroken success record when it comes to passing legislation that grants more alien entitlements (see driver’s licenses, health care, the Trust Act and professional licensing), then California’s citizen kids will not only have to compete with more applicants, but also pay the higher tuition fees that UC recently proposed. UC fees are at an all-time high and have more than doubled since 2006.

California is not far away from having to come to grips with its infamous Wall of Debt. Estimates vary on California’s total indebtedness, but most analysts peg it at more than $400 billion. The total is so staggering that even Gov. Jerry Brown, who’s all-in on the illegal immigrant entitlements, admitted that the debt represents a “disaster ahead.”

The billions of dollars of debt California has incurred will never be cut as long as the giveaways to illegal immigrants continue.


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