CAPS Legal Immigration Ad Seen By Over 5 million people!

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By Marilyn DeYoung

Member of the Board, CAPS

September 9, 2011

Thank you to everyone who tweeted and e-mailed pertinent questions about immigration to the moderators of last night’s Republican Presidential debate (please continue to contact moderators of upcoming debates as well).

And thank you to all who called and wrote and let us know that you appreciated CAPS airing our Legal Immigration Jobs ad before, during and after the debate. California has some of the highest unemployment rates in the country and we hope our ad will help to open up more JOBS for California workers.

Just a few of the comments we received:

Good Job Exposing the Truth re: Legal Immigration!

The issue is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS – Thank you!

Greetings from an Unemployed, University-educated Black voice

Good for you!

It is a shame that so many AMERICAN families are facing so many hardships because of no jobs.

Why has not the number of LEGAL immigrants been shared earlier?

I agree that we have a legal immigration problem as well as an illegal immigration problem

This country needs more groups like do the right thing!

Thank you for your efforts....Keep Going!


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