Crocodile Hunter’s Teen Daughter Back in the News on World Issue

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By Maria Fotopoulos

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August 2, 2013

Bindi Irwin, the teenage daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, has been gaining recognition in her own right. Aside from carrying on the work of her father, she is making a bit of a name as a young populationist.

Earlier in the year, I wrote about a bit of a dust-up related to an essay Bindi had written for the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Bindi’s references to overpopulation were edited out.

Bindi again is in the news talking about overpopulation. In a new interview with “The Telegraph” in Australia, she talks about the importance of family planning and the problem of overpopulation.

Again, I just have to give this young girl credit for understanding these issues and having the courage to talk about them.

Again too, I wonder how a 15-year-old girl can grasp these topics so readily, but we’ve so many leaders across the world stage who fail to talk about these issues and address them.

Maybe Bindi will inspire more youth, and we’ll see more focus on meeting these challenges openly and realistically from her generation.


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