Donald J. Trump: 45th U.S. President

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By Joe Guzzardi

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November 9, 2016

The explanation for how Donald J. Trump won the presidency can be summarized in a single, simple statement: during eight years in office, President Obama consistently put Americans last. Trump’s promise to bring back jobs, enforce immigration laws, restore inner cities and help ailing veterans resonated across America. Obama’s consistent refusal to act in Americans’ best interests, and to on several occasions blatantly ignore Congress, then sign executive actions that plainly hurt citizens, was impossible for voters to ignore.

Trump promises to end unsustainably high immigration.

Because of Obama’s commitment to mass immigration, working Americans have paid a heavy price. The unconstitutional deferred action for childhood arrivals resulted in about 800,000 employment authorization documents issued to previously unemployable illegal aliens. Obama expanded the L visa that allows overseas branches of American corporations to relocate their employees in the U.S., and thereby deny an American the opportunity to take that job. Moreover, Obama unilaterally gave work permission to spouses of H-1B visa holders, even though they’re not entitled to that privilege.

More than 700,000 guest workers are imported annually, and many of them displace qualified Americans. And because Obama, like Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43 before him, steadfastly refused to lower the legal immigrant flow from roughly 1 million per year, all the net gains from 2007 to 2014 in employment went to foreign-born workers. The collective result of Obama’s pro-immigration advocacy is that in recent years 20 percent of U.S. workers were laid off, many of them displaced by H-1B visa holders. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2014 that more than one in six men ages 25 to 54, or about 10.4 million, and in their prime working years, don't have jobs.

Despite ample evidence that Americans are suffering, Obama insultingly insisted on touting the artificially low 4.9 percent unemployment rate, and patted himself on the back for creating millions of jobs. Obama omitted, however, that most of the jobs are part-time, low-paying and often in the service industry. As a result, middle-class incomes continue to stagnate, and the income gap between the elite and the average American steadily grew wider.

Of course, Obama did more than undermine American workers during his two terms. He turned a blind eye toward catch and release at the border that has led to a ten-fold increase in asylum claims (and work permits for the asylees), allowed sanctuary cities that harbor criminals to multiply across the country, and freed convicted criminal aliens into the general population where many became repeat offenders.

Simply put, Americans aren’t stupid, had endured enough, and wanted the first candidate in history who campaigned on sensible immigration to have his chance. As one of Trump’s predecessors Abraham Lincoln reportedly said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”


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