DREAMer Wants More Immigration, Denies Committing Felony Identity Theft

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By Joe Guzzardi

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April 27, 2017

Fox News host Tucker Carlson posted this query to former Wall Street executive Jullisa Arce: “How many immigrants should we bring in a year? That’s a real question.” She replied that the 85,000 H-1B visa cap should “at least be doubled, to meet the needs of our country…” and that comprehensive immigration reform proposals must include citizenship for illegal immigrants. Arce’s answer isn’t surprising. Wall Street supports more immigration and Arce came to the United States illegally with her parents at age 11. Watch Carlson’s interview here.

Jullisa Arce: Identity fraud pays off
in big bucks!

Arce, now an immigration advocate who previously held high-paying jobs at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, also told Carlson that she didn’t commit identity fraud to qualify for what became lofty high-six figure jobs because the false Social Security number she used “was completely made up” and “didn’t belong to anybody.” Submitting fraudulent information on a job application is, despite Arce’s claim of innocence, a felony, and her former employers were also guilty of serious crimes when they hired her despite her illegal alien status. When she married her American citizen college boyfriend, Arce received permanent residency.

The message to the White House and Congress from Arce’s story of how identity fraud helped her to begin her high income career and eventually use it as a platform to advocate for more immigration is clear: Pass mandatory E-Verify which would help ensure that all jobs including coveted ones on Wall Street would go to citizens and legal immigrants. Arce’s University of Texas degree, for which she paid in-state tuition fees despite being a foreign national, served as her launching pad to a profession most young Americans would welcome.

Please go to the CAPS Action Alert page here to urge your Senators to pass S 179, mandatory E-Verify legislation that would help eliminate identity fraud.


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