Ecuadoran Aliens Score Trifecta in Massachusetts

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By Joe Guzzardi

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September 12, 2016

Crime, Job Displacement and Population Growth

Ecuadorans embark on journey to U.S.

Two Ecuadoran aliens living in Massachusetts have been charged with the assault and rape of a local woman. Judge Patricia Dowling found Juan Carlos Cela-Tacuri, 19, and Manuel Segundo Agualema Guasco, 41, a threat to the Haverhill community, and denied them bail. Guasco had been deported in 2013. A second entry after a prior deportation is a felony.

The Cela-Tacuri/Guasco case is another in a long, but always growing list of serious crimes aliens commit, including capital crimes. Cela-Tacure and Guasco’s defense lawyers inadvertently showed how blatantly aliens mingle in the mainstream, present safety risks, take jobs away from Americans and add to the nation’s population growth.

First, Cela-Tacuri’s defense lawyer asked that his client be released on bail since he’s lived in Haverhill for two years, has a job with his partner-in-crime, Guasco’s roofing company, and supports his mother and two siblings – their immigration status is unknown. At a preliminary hearing, the defense attorney noted that Cela-Tacuri's friends and family members filled three rows of seats, immigration status of the dozens also unknown.

Second, as for Guasco, he’s lived in Haverhill for nine years, operates the roofing company and supports seven children. Aside: although immigration advocates insist that immigrants are entrepreneurs who start businesses that boost the economy, many of those businesses like Guasco’s hire mostly fellow immigrants.

The suspects were apprehended fleeing the crime scene. Read more details about the case here.

Defendants are innocent until proven guilty, but what’s beyond dispute is that they’re in the U.S. illegally, and are not by any measure “in the shadows.”

To help make America safer against criminal aliens, go to the CAPS Action Alert page here to encourage your U.S. Senator to oppose S 2123 as written. S 2123 could result in the early release of criminal aliens.


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