Four days of illegal immigration

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By Inger Eberhart

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October 22, 2011


On Monday, Americans woke up to a story entitled,

"Students in a Texas High School were made to recite the Mexican National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance," The school in question is located in McAllen, Texas which is about 10 miles from the US-Mexico border.  The District stated that it found nothing wrong with reciting the anthem and pledge as it was part of a Spanish class assignment.  However, a 15-year old high school student became offended and called her father to let him know what was happening.  He contacted the school in objection to the activity, understandably.  Not only were the students reciting the Mexican anthem and pledge, the presentation occured during the school's "Freedom Week" in remembrance of the September 11th victims and the same week as Constitution Day.

Be thankful that one parent stood up in defense of this nation.  In April of this year, the ACLU of Texas forced the Sweeney Independent School District (SISD) to no longer require that students stand during the Pledge of Allegiance (ACLU Of Texas Protects Students’ First Amendment Rights; Sweeny School Officials Must Change Unconstitutional Policy).


On Tuesday, we were inundated with reports that the Obama administration is responsible for the deportation of almost 400,000 "immigrants" in a year, according to CBS News (ICE deports record number of immigrants in year)  Please note that immigrants are those 1.1 million people that legally join the American family each year.  As a typical by-product of the lack of journalistic integrity, the mainstream media again, sends the uninformed wrong information.

According to, in FY 2011 ICE's Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations removed 396,906 individuals — the largest number in the agency's history. Of these, nearly 55 percent or 216,698 of the people removed were convicted of felonies or misdemeanors (an 89 percent increase in the removal of criminals since FY 2008). The 216,698 includes 1,119 aliens convicted of homicide; 5,848 aliens convicted of sexual offenses; 44,653 aliens convicted of drug related crimes; and 35,927 aliens convicted of driving under the influence (FY 2011: ICE announces year-end removal numbers, highlights focus on key priorities including threats to public safety and national security).

Napolitano stated that the "agency is focusing its resources on criminals, recent border crossers, those who repeatedly cross the border and those people the department considers fugitives."  She implies that it is no longer an illegal act to violate the US immigration laws.  As long as the illegal alien makes it across the border and does not get caught, the CBS termed "immigrant" is home-free.  As a bonus, if the individual manages to remain in Texas for three years or more, they are eligible for in-state college tuition.


Wednesday saw the House Republicans request information about Operation Fast & Furious amid Holder stating that he did not know about the Operation while Obama stated that he and Holder discussed the program three months prior to Holder disavowing knowledge of it.  In the midst of this, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's family is without him because he was murdered by one of the guns the Obama administration allowed into the hands of criminals.

House Republicans ask Obama for information on Fast and Furious.

Obama Spoke About "Fast & Furious" Before Holder Claimed He Knew


On Thursday, we discover that the Department of Homeland Security's Janet Napolitano is authorizing illegal aliens to work in the U.S. Her policy move is set against an even larger backdrop of an unemployment rate of 9.1% which translates into 14.1 million Americans who are jobless and another 11.8 million who are underemployed (An Unprecedented 26 Million Americans Are Now Underemployed).

Nonetheless, Janet Napolitano, as one who carries the heavy burden of ensuring our country is safe and the enforcement of our laws, discards this responsibility because, in her mind, illegal aliens are getting jobs anyway, so, why stop something that is already happening?

In a speech in 2008, Barack Hussein Obama promised to "fundamentally transform" this country and looking at just the last four days of the illegal immigration struggle, this is what he meant.


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