Illegal Aliens Working While Many Black Americas Struggle Though Depression Era Unemployment

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By Joe Guzzardi

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July 9, 2011

On its June 19 evening broadcast, CBS News reported shocking statistics that showed many African-Americans living in New York have to cope with Depression-like unemployment rates.

According to correspondent Michelle Miller, "34 percent of New York's young black men age 19 to 24 are not working."

Nationally, the picture for blacks is even bleaker. The Department of Labor statistics reveal that only 18 million black Americans have a job; that translates to a 38 percent unemployment rate. Unemployment is also devastatingly high among Hispanics and teenagers.

At the same time, research conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center found that as many as 8 million illegal immigrants are employed. Little wonder then that so many Americans of all ages and demographics are jobless.

The Congressional Black Caucus is pressuring the government to create training programs and jobs in low-income communities with the highest unemployment rates. Ironically, the special interest caucus votes unanimously in support of higher levels of immigration and pushes hard for amnesties when those opportunities occur. The Caucus is willfully blind to the adverse impact than more unskilled, undereducated immigrants have on their unemployed constituents. (Unemployment Rate for U.S. Blacks Projected to Hit 25-Year High, by V. Dion Hayes, Washington Post, January15, 2010)

For the administration to ignore the plight of unemployed Americans, especially minorities, while at the same time failing to enforce federal immigration laws that would keep aliens from getting or keeping jobs is criminal. If the buck stops at the White House, as the old saying goes, then President Barack Obama is solely accountable for the pain unemployed Americans are currently suffering through.


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