Illegal Immigrant Appointed To Government Post in California

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March 17, 2018
California officials are at it again. If becoming a sanctuary state, and allowing illegal immigrants to have driver's licenses, receive in-state tuition and welfare benefits isn't extreme enough, California officials have just crossed another threshold in reckless immigration policies. 

According to Fox News, California has appointed an illegal immigrant to a statewide post. Yes, you read that right. 

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In a first-of-its-kind decision, the state of California appointed an undocumented immigrant to a statewide post.

Lizbeth Mateo, 33, was appointed to a committee that advises the California Student Aid Commission, even though it is illegal to hire an undocumented immigrant.
As the article points out, it is illegal to hire an illegal immigrant, but it appears that hasn't stopped the state from providing her with some compensation. 
Mateo will not be a salaried employee, but California state policy entitles her to reimbursement for expenses - meaning that the state and taxpayers will be paying her although it is against federal law.

The appointment of Mateo seemingly further affirms California's sanctuary state status and resistance to President Donald Trump.
Californians need to wake up. While the federal government shows encouraging signs of taking steps to curb illegal immigration, California appears to be doing the exact opposite. 
As Maria Fotopoulos pointed out in her recent CAPS piece, immigration extremism has a hold on California. 

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