It starts with a baby

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By Inger Eberhart

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February 29, 2012

Although Section 1 of the 14th Amendment was ratified to ensure recently emancipated slaves were granted American citizenship along with its rights and privileges, over time, the Supreme Court has interpreted the Amendment to mean that most born on American soil receive the American citizenship.  The 14th Amendment does not grant citizenship to a child born of diplomats born in America.  Others, American citizens and illegal aliens alike who give birth to a child in America have an American citizen (birthright citizenship).  No other industrialized country in the world grants citizenship based solely on birth on the nation's soil.

An anchor baby is a child born to an illegal alien.  The child, an American citizen, is eligible for the government benefits and other social services.  The illegal alien parents of the child can not only use the child to garner benefits but also the child may sponsor other family members into the US when s/he reaches 21 years of age.   For example, Mary is born to Philip and Susan, both illegal aliens.  Philip and Susan access benefits from the government on behalf of Mary.  Mary attends elementary, middle & high school and goes on to college.  By the time she graduates from college, she is now eligible to sponsor her illegal alien parents who have managed to "live in the shadows" for a long time.  A previous posting highlighted a family that managed to "live in the shadows" for over 20 years.  Their American citizen child needed to provide documentation that the parents were in the country legally before the child could be admitted to college.

When the child is able to sponsor the parents and the parents complete the process, the parents are then able to sponsor others.  Currently, there are no stipulations that limit the relationship between the sponsor and sponsoree.  In other words, aunts, cousins, in-laws, etc., can be sponsored into the US, chain migration.  The population explosion means higher taxes for US citizens and legal residents, a strain on public (teachers, police, etc.), natural (land, water, infrastructure) and economic (jobs) resources.  When tools such as E-Verify (to ensure eligibility to work in the US) or legislation is not pursued, enacted and enforced, illegal aliens merely play a waiting game for their opportunity for legal status in the US.

Pair the anchor-baby phenomenon with chain migration, enabled by the interpretation of the 14th Amendment, and the US is saddled with an immigration crisis.  Just think, it all starts with a baby.

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