Malibu is Latest City to Claim Sanctuary Status

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By Joe Guzzardi

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March 22, 2017

As a kid growing up in Los Angeles, Malibu was always my preferred weekend destination. Malibu to me meant 21 miles of individual beaches that stretch across the magnificent Pacific Coast Highway, local parks, magnificent homes, and an occasional major movie star sighting that might have included Bette Davis, Frank Sinatra or Barbara Stanwyck.

Malibu, famous beach getaway that now harbors illegal immigrants.

But from today and going forward, I’ll never look upon Malibu so fondly. Inspired by actor Martin Sheen, the City Council narrowly passed a resolution that designated Malibu as a sanctuary city.

According to reports and the Malibu residents that favor sanctuary status, the city can’t function without illegal immigrants to perform domestic tasks for the rich and famous, serve food at the upscale restaurants or keep house at the pricey beachfront properties. But because they often fear deportation, illegal immigrants are indentured servants, subject to the whims of their employers. The council didn’t address servitude in its debate.

Malibu’s pro-sanctuary arguments don’t stand up to scrutiny. In Malibu, hiring Americans would be easy. Restaurant and housekeeping jobs at tony eateries often include generous tips. They offer flexible hours that appeal to college students and part-time workers. When employees’ shifts end, they can head directly to the beach or hang out to take in the ocean scenery – a big perk.

When I lived in the San Joaquin Valley with its high illegal immigration population, I had no trouble finding an American landscaper, roofer or house cleaner. My goal, which I effortlessly achieved, was to hire American!

E-Verify would force Malibu residents to hire American. Please go to the CAPS Action Alert page here to urge your Senator to support S 179, mandatory E-Verify.

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