New Bill from Sens. Cotton and Purdue Would End Chain Migration, Diversity Visa Lottery

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By Joe Guzzardi

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February 10, 2017

On February 7, Senators Tom Cotton (R-AK) and Sonny Perdue (R-GA) introduced a bill which, if it becomes law, would fulfill one of the solutions advocated by Californians for Population Stabilizations to cut back soaring population growth and reduce over-immigration.

Sen. Cotton’s RAISE Act would help American workers.

The Reforming Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act will, in its first year, create about a 40 percent reduction in legal immigration to 637,960, and generate a deeper cut to 539,958 by its tenth year, a 50 percent reduction from the 1,051,031 immigrants who arrived in 2015. RAISE ends chain migration which allows each immigrant, once he becomes a citizen, to petition for his adult brothers and sisters, his adult sons and daughters, and his parents. Then, each of them can eventually do the same, and thereby create an endless immigration chain. The legislation will also end the unnecessary diversity visa, another major contributor to population growth, and because of its randomness, a security risk.

For more than two decades, an average of one million work-authorized legal permanent residents have come to the U.S., an unsustainable number in terms of population growth and in its additions to the labor pool. For too many employed Americans during that period, wages have been stagnant.

Senator Cotton said:

“It’s time our immigration system started working for American workers. The RAISE Act would promote higher wages on which all working Americans can build a future – whether your family came over here on the Mayflower or you just took the oath of citizenship.”

Go to the CAPS Action Alert page here to tell your representatives to urge the immediate passage of immigration bills that will help American workers, and slow population growth. Specifically endorse the RAISE Act of Sens. Cotton and Perdue.


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