Now Entering the SyFy Zone

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By Maria Fotopoulos

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July 31, 2013

How can we humans fight climate change? Build a machine to vacuum up greenhouse gases from our upper atmosphere? Shoot sunlight-reflecting particles into the air?

Sound like SyFy? Well, maybe today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s new technology. We’ll see. But for now, as reported by NBC News, the CIA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA are putting budget towards a study that evaluates what may seem far-fetched proposals for mitigating climate change.

Maybe they should have talked with CAPS or any of several other organizations that understand how overpopulation is impacting the planet. We could share some really practical advice. Support education and family planning. Talk about the need to lower fertility rates worldwide. Develop a population policy for the U.S. based on sustainability and encourage all countries to do so.

Fewer people means less consumption and strain on already stressed natural and manmade systems. It’s not SyFy sexy, but it is common sense.


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