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By Inger Eberhart

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January 31, 2012

Illegal immigration advocates use the "they want a better life" talking point to justify the illegal alien's violation of the US immigration law.  They just want to mow your lawn, clean your house, take care of their families, etc.  The advocates overlook the myriad of laws broken to come to the US along with the ones they break to remain in the US.  Add to that the laws that they break that may be unrelated to them living in the US illegally.

Americans living or working at the borders understand the crisis that illegal immigration creates.  Those who do not live at the border are quickly learning how the federal government's reluctance to enforce immigration laws is causing a dilemma in their neighborhoods.  Just in the past week, there have been stories from across the country that show the devastating effects that illegal immigration has on the lives of everyday Americans.  In each of these cases, the state's leadership has chosen either to respond to the illegal immigration crisis or to continue business as usual while sacrificing lives each day.

Eduardo Torres is on his sixth DUI charge and on his third DUI conviction (he was convicted of DUI in 1999 & 2000 in Massachusetts).  Prosecutors amended the last charge down and the judge sentenced him to 18 months jail time and an eight-year loss of license.  He is also wanted for two DUI convictions in California.  He used a false name.  He was deported from Massachusetts in December 2004, deported from Arizona in March 2005 and deported from California in March 2006.

  • Massachusetts grants illegal aliens drivers' licenses while Governor Deval Patrick stopped the implementation of the Secure Communities program.

Adulfo Cancino of Taylor County, KY has been charged with human trafficking, "unlawful transaction with a minor" and "committing an illegal sex act with a person under 16 years old."  The arrest is part of an ongoing investigation into a prostitution ring involving young girls.

  • Kentucky's legislature failed to pass SB 6 (a bill similar to Arizona's).

Saul Chavez of Chicago, Illinois was convicted of DUI in 2009.  Last year, Chavez was charged in a fatal hit-and-run, posted bail and disappeared.  The Cook County Board President stated that "it isn't fair to link Chavez's immigration status with his disappearance."  Instead she is distressed "because his bail was set too low for someone with a prior felony conviction who posed a flight risk."

  • Because Chicago is a sanctuary city, "the sheriff is not allowed to detain a suspected felon or those accused of misdemeanors."

On January 17, 2012, Victor M. Aldana appeared in court for a bond hearing on a DUI that killed 8-year old Brian Hernandez-Chavez broke the legs and fractured the pelvis of Brian's mother.  He was charged with DUI Manslaughter, DUI Maiming, reckless driving and driving without a license.

  • The Virginia General Assembly is debating measures introduced by legislators.

On January 4, 2012, A Mexican man plead guilty to DUI and killing a mother and daughter in a head-on collision on July 4, 2011.  It is unclear what his name his because he continues to give different names.  On January, 11, 2012 a Missouri court charged six with unlawfully producing identification documents, Social Security fraud, aggravated identity theft, etc. when it was discovered that thousands of illegal aliens from across the US used "fraudulent paperwork to obtain a Missouri driver's license."

  • The Missouri legislature has introduced SB 590 that requires the Board of Education to report on the immigration classification of enrolled students, allows local law enforcement to determine citizenship/immigration status and work with federal agents to transfer the illegal alien into federal custody.

While illegal immigration advocates pine over illegal aliens that enter the US to have a better life, Americans continue to suffer the dire consequences of federal and local leadership that prefers to debate the crime of illegal immigration in lieu of implementing a solution.


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