What have we come to?

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By Inger Eberhart

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August 21, 2012

The administration's new policy of using "prosecutorial discretion" leaves ICE agents between a rock and a hard place.  As law enforcement officials, they have taken an oath to enforce the law.  As it stands, the laws on the books state that illegal aliens are to be arrested.  However, recently, an ICE agent faces suspension for enforcing the law that he took an oath to uphold.  Watch the interview between Shannon Bream of Fox News and Mr. Chris Crane, president of ICE agents union.

Following this story, Senator Sessions (Alabama) wrote a letter to ICE Director John Morton, requesting an understanding of his rationale.  In his letter, the Senator notes that if an American had violated the laws as the illegal alien had done, that American would be incarcerated.

The illegal alien had been in the US for 10 years, is 35-years old, was caught driving without a license and had a total of 10 traffic violations.  According to the administration's new policy, the illegal alien is a low priority individual and the agent was ordered to release him.  However, the agent did not release the illegal alien.  As a result, the agent is now facing suspension for not doing so.  In other words, the agent may be suspended for not following the policy but following the law.  In addition, the agent may lose his job and his pension.  Meanwhile, the illegal alien is free to continue violating immigration laws and violating traffic laws that US citizens and legal immigrants would be incarcerated for violating (ICE agent faces suspension for illegal immigrant arrest, http://iceunion.org/news/ice-agent-faces-suspension-illegal-immigrant-arrest)

ICE agents and other law enforcement personnel willingly place their lives on the line each week to protect our nation and sovereignty.  They endure threats to their livelihood for simply keeping their word.  This administration and years of lax immigration policies have led to the point where we find ourselves.  Two implicit statements have been made: 1) the law no longer matters and 2) escaping capture at the border affords an illegal alien with more rights and privileges than being an American.

Truly, what has this nation come to?


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