What have you lost because of illegal immigration?

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By Inger Eberhart

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December 6, 2011

If you were to ask Billy and Cathy Inman about illegal immigration over 11 years ago, they may not have much of an opinion.  If you ask them now, you will receive an alarmingly different answer for a heartbreaking reason.  Their answer changed after their son, Dustin Inman, was killed when an illegal alien driver with a North Carolina driver's license ran into the back of their van at 70 miles per hour as their car waited at a red light.  The Inman family has paid the ultimate price.

If you are not one of the over 300,000 Americans that left the labor force in November or the 18.2% of workers who are unemployed or underemployed, then your opinion may not have changed regarding illegal immigration but maybe it should.

The crime of illegal immigration touches every facet of our economy.  The two most important facets are jobs and taxes.

Those who are looking for work are often met with the line that, "illegal aliens do jobs that Americans won't do."  This is a clear fallacy.  The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) found that in many service industry jobs, Americans hold over 50% of the positions in that industry.  Another report found that when the immigration laws are enforced and illegal aliens are compelled to leave through various enforcement measures, Americans stand ready and willing to compete for those jobs.  It is through the productivity of the taxpayers that generates income for the government.

Government does not make money.  It does not produce a product to sell in the marketplace.  In other words, any money that the government has it must first obtain from someone.  The money by which the government operates is received through taxes (e.g., income, payroll and sales taxes).  These monies pay for items such as public education, healthcare, public assistance and prisons.

The landmark case of Plyer v. Doe compelled the US taxpayer to fund K-12 education for the children of illegal aliens.  The logic behind the ruling was to avoid the creation of an underclass that was not educated on basic literacy (reading, writing, etc.).  Therefore, it was necessary to provide supplemental educational funding for classes such as Limited English Proficiency (LEP).  There was a need to provide access to  educational opportunities for the children of illegal aliens.  Last year, the US taxpayer paid over $2.1 billion to accommodate the increased needs of this population.

Illegal aliens often give birth to their children within US borders which automatically grants the child the rights and privileges of being an American.  They may also have healthcare needs of a minor or very grave nature.  It is unlawful for medical personnel to refuse to treat those who cannot pay.  If the illegal alien cannot pay, s/he may fraudulently use Medicaid to defray the costs.  In any case, the taxpayers paid a $5.9 billion bill.

If the illegal alien is caught in the country unlawfully (which can mean crossing the borders or remaining in the US contrary to the immigration laws), then the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) or another federal agency is responsible for the deportation.  The use of lawyers, judges, prison guards and wardens and law enforcement personnel left the taxpayers owing over $7.8 billion dollars.

Public assistance in the form of free and reduced meals for school children, housing assistance and temporary assistance for needy families and other general expenditures related to these programs total over $12.7 billion.

Taxpayer monies in the amount of $28.6 billion is the federal tab alone for illegal immigration.  This amount alone does not cover the complete costs of illegal immigration.  The states must absorb the remaing amount of $84 billion for a total expenditure of $113 billion to accommodate the education, housing, healthcare and incarceration of illegal aliens. With this, each man, woman and child in the US pays over $360 in taxes for illegal immigration every year.

Hopefully, you will not lose a loved one to illegal immigration or a job to someone in our country unlawfully.  However, without a doubt, you are losing tax dollars to the crime of illegal immigration.

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