Youth Unemployment

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By Marilyn DeYoung

Member of the Board, CAPS

January 27, 2011
Marilyn DeYoungA recent News release from the U.S. bureau of Labor Statistics gave a sad picture for our American teenagers and college students looking for work. The peak month of July 2010 showed the lowest rate of teen employment since 1948, only 48 percent of the number of 16 to 24 year olds looking for jobs found one. Between April and July of last year, the number of unemployed was 4.4 million In the past summer jobs for teens and college students was part of their education and helped them pay for their tuition, books and expenses It even gave them spending money to save towards their first car purchase or computer.  Twenty-five percent of those that did find jobs worked the leisure and hospitality sector which does include food services. But those summer jobs, such as bussing tables, pumping gas, working in a department store, mowing lawns or even picking fruit on farms are becoming slimmer. The jobs are going to illegal aliens.  It also reflects the weaker economy and high unemployment figures in the U.S. There are other studies which show that American teens will do this kind of work but the jobs aren't there for them.  Employers like their low paid aliens who "work harder," and do not have any incentive to hire American citizens.  Contrary to population belief, unemployed Americans will work for less, and they will take the so-called "dirty jobs." So what’s the solution for our youth?  Enforce our existing laws that prevent employers from hiring and retaining illegal aliens. Fine them and remove their unlawful workers. Send them home. Pay their way home and keep them out. Give our youth more job opportunities.

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