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Immigration Spot Delivered Best Part of GOP Presidential Candidate Debate

Important and obvious question on immigration omitted   Last week’s Republican presidential candidate debate didn’t last as long as Reagan’s first term; it only seemed like it.   As expected, immigration was a hot topic in the debate, but the focus was on the crime of illegal immigration. “Creating jobs” came up several times, but...

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MEDIA WATCH News Report Focuses on How Illegal Aliens Were Offended by Signs Supporting Legislation to End Driver’s Licenses for Lawbreakers

Legislation pending in Georgia (Senate Bill 6) would end the practice of giving driver’s licenses to DACA illegal aliens. A March 18, 2015, WSB TV News Atlanta report focused on how signs in support of this legislation offended illegal aliens and their lobbyists. Click here to watch the video. Try to find any pro-American balance when you watch the report by...

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Most Americans Jubilant over Texas Injunction

It is more difficult to be deported from Obama’s "transformed America" than it is to win the visa lottery. Finally! Yippee! Americans win one in America! Viva, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen! On February 17, Judge Hanen ruled in favor of a 26-state coalition asking that President Obama’s emperor-like decree of de facto amnesty for about 5 million illegal aliens be delayed while a final...

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Ten Days in December: Will Republicans Stop Obama’s Amnesty with the Price Plan?

The next ten days will provide a great deal of insight into the backbone of congressional Republicans on immigration, protecting American workers, the rule of law and their will to preserve the Constitution they swore to obey and protect. Voters looking ahead to 2016 should pay close attention. With stagnant wages and painful unemployment. Obama wants to give work permits, Social Security...

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Immigration activist D.A. King Interviewed on Univision’s Sunday Morning Current Affairs Al Punto Show

Recently, long-time pro-immigration enforcement D.A. King was profiled on the front page of The New York Times. The story drew the attention of newscaster Jorge Ramos and others at Univision TV. King, of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society, was invited to Univision’s Miami studios for an interview. The 12-minute interview originally aired in Spanish on the August 18, 2013, edition of Al...

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Project Rubio – tell Marco Rubio to end his amnesty gangster status Help us produce one million contacts to Senator Marco Rubio!

Please join in our campaign to stop the Senate legalization legislation for illegal aliens supported by Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio is integral to the bill’s serious consideration and viability. Including the mainstream media, everyone paying attention understands that if Rubio drops out of the amnesty gang of eight, the-repeat-of-1986 bill likely dies the death it deserves. The...

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IMAGE certification – the ultimate workplace tool to protect jobs

A short education on the federal IMAGE certification program for pro-enforcement Americans from sea to shining sea –  HOW TO on detect identity theft and illegal labor on your local government’s employment rolls. For pro-enforcement Americans across the nation correctly outraged at the fact that illegal alien workers are being hired while legal workers - including legal...

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ACLU: Stop the border enforcement talk on amnesty!

News flash for fact-sheltered Americans: The goal of the illegal alien lobby is open borders. And the American Civil Liberties Union offers positive proof. The anti-enforcement lobby wants the American public to believe that if Congress repeated the one-time amnesty, as President Ronald Reagan promised it would be, the United States' illegal immigration problem would be solved forever. As...

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The truth about Hispanics casting their votes for Republicans

It isn’t likely and a repeat of the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens won’t change that reality – a short lesson in history The latest statement of intent from Republican leadership in Washington regarding another amnesty for the 12-20 million illegal aliens currently living -and taking jobs, benefits and services - in the U.S. is being sold as a way to harvest the Hispanic vote...

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