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MS-13 Operating in White House’s Shadow

Langley Park, MD., near White House, hotbed of MS-13 violence. Open border’s consequences were tidily summed up in this Washington Post headline: “MS-13 Menaces a Community Seven Miles from the White House.” Border patrol officials warned of MS-13 gang members crossing unimpeded along with the so-called unaccompanied minor aliens that surged the Southwest border in...

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Another Year Ends with Scant Media Reporting on Overpopulation

Journalists consider writing about overpopulation too risky. As 2017 draws to a close, another year will pass with the establishment media rarely connecting immigration to overpopulation. For decades, advocates for less immigration have wondered when journalists would link unsustainable population growth to unchecked migration. For population growth with its detrimental consequences...

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Good News for U.S. Workers, H-4 Employment Authorization to End

Buried in the newest Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs bulletin is the announcement that the Trump administration plans to end employment authorization for H-1B spouses who hold H-4 visas.  80,000 Jobs Open Up. For years, H-4s did not receive work authorization, and understood that when they came to the United States with their H-1B nonimmigrant spouses seeking legal...

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What if Brown’s Right about Winter Wildfires ‘the new normal’?

Census Bureau projects show Santa Barbara at increasing risk from wildfire loss. The Thomas Fire’s toxic smoke has subjected Santa Barbara County to the worst air quality in its history. The fire has also effected neighboring Ventura County. Conditions are so dire that health department officials have handed out more than 200,000 free N-95 face masks. The masks more efficiently...

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USCIS Director: ‘Immigration System Failing’

Director Cissna tells press he want to insure immigrants succeed. On December 8, three days before a Bangladeshi chain migration beneficiary attempted to kill multiple innocents at the Port Authority, and about six weeks after an Uzbekistan diversity visa winning truck-driver murdered eight helpless bikers, The Hill published U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director L. Francis...

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California Wildfires: People Overage, Water Shortage

Massive Wildfires Engulf Santa Barbara, Ventura Typically, the Southern California wildfire season is in the early fall when temperatures are highest and winds are strongest. But if, as Governor Jerry Brown suggests, fires later in the year might become “the new normal,” then the state faces more deaths and more billions in destruction. As of late Sunday,...

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November Bureau of Labor Statistics Report Encouraging, but Automation Advancing

Robots prepare pizzas quicker than humans. The November Bureau of Labor Statistics report exceeded expectations, and offered hope that the economy is improved. Wall Street predicted 200,000 new payroll jobs, and the total hit 228,000, well above 2017’s monthly 169,000 average. But once again, and continuing a troubling trend, wage growth disappointed with average hourly earnings...

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Ag Visas up; Hurts Unemployed Americans, Adds to Population Growth

According to the Capital Press, which describes itself as the West’s agriculture website, in 2017 the U.S. Department of Labor approved 200, 049 H-2A guest worker visas, a 20.7 increase over the 2016 total of 165, 741. The H-2A is a temporary visa that allows foreign nations to legally enter the United States to perform seasonal agricultural labor. The workers must be selected from a...

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Multiple Congressional Failures on Visas

Overstays are unlawfully present, subject to three or 10 year ban on re-entry. Ordering illegal aliens deported doesn’t mean that they’ll actually be removed. Efforts to deport aliens from several countries is, despite the Trump administration’s best effort, slow going. Part of the blame for the lack of progress lays with recalcitrant countries that refuse to accept back...

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H-4 Employment Authorization under DHS Scrutiny

H-4 visa allows employment, more competition for jobless Americans. Fewer employment-based visas are a boon to American workers. The news then that the Department of Homeland Security will end work authorization for H-4 visas holders should open up jobs for the unemployed and under-employed. DHS officials have leaked information that they’re in the early stages of withdrawing H-4...

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