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Following up on ‘When Does Final Really Mean Final?’

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, one of 29 sanctuaries that got DOJ final warning letter. Just two weeks ago, I asked when the Department of Justice’s final funding cutoff date for sanctuary cites that refuse to comply with immigration laws might actually be its last-chance warning. I wrote that in April, August, and October, DOJ advised sanctuary cites that defy Immigration...

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New Bill Would Slow Immigration, Help Stabilize Population

Dave Brat’s three-in-one bill would end chain migration and visa lottery, mandate E-Verify. In 2014, U. S. Representative Dave Brat made American electoral history when he defeated fellow Republican and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary. Brat’s victory marked the first time a sitting majority leader had been beaten in a primary since Congress created the...

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California’s Affordable Housing Shortage Linked to Over-Population, Over-Immigration

California leads the nation in having the most severely rent-burdened households, defined by the U.S. Department Housing and Urban Development as families that spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent. According to HUD, California also has the largest affordable rental home shortage.  As Sacramento bemoans the affordable housing shortage, passes bills to...

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The Latest on California’s Sanctuary State Law---Encouraging News

California Referendum Process Dates Back to 1911. For the millions of Californians opposed to the state’s recently passed sanctuary state legislation, SB 54, hope remains. The California Assembly wrote and passed SB 54, and Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law. But SB 54 never appeared on a ballot, and voters had no say even though the safety of their communities is at risk when...

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Steinle Trial Moves forward, but Congressional Anti-Sanctuary Bills Remain Stuck in Swamp

Testimony begins in San Francisco Sanctuary City, Kate Steinle Trial. Last week, the defense continued presenting its case in the Kate Steinle second degree murder trial. In San Francisco, the emotionally charged trial of Jose Garcia Zarate, aka Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the illegal immigrant accused of murdering Kate Steinle, is moving slowly forward. Zarate/Lopez-Sanchez is a five-...

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Refugee Resettlement Declining, Helpful in Slowing U.S. Population Growth

U.S. Fertility at all-time low. Recently released State Department data showed that in October, the United States took in only 1,242 refugees, dramatically fewer than the 9,945 the Obama administration admitted in the same month during fiscal year 2017. The sharply lower total is consistent with President Trump’s executive order demanding tougher refugee vetting, and his 45,000...

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World Population Review: California’s Population ‘Simply Huge’

The World Population Review (WPR) recently released its latest California analysis. A few takeaways and forecasts the study made follow. Some facts are well-known to demographers, but other predictions underline the importance of stabilizing California’s population. Since the 2010 Census when California had 37.2 million residents, the state has grown to around 39.5 million, and retains...

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October BLS, Bad Overall; Wages Terrible

  Thousands line up for Amazon jobs fair, only a few got hired. No matter how dismal the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs reports, the financial media invariably presents them as positive, hopeful, or trending in the right direction. After all, Federal Reserve officials like to boast that the economy is at or near full employment. But ask any of the millions of unemployed and...

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Frustrated Californians Wonder When DOJ’s ‘Final’ Threats to Sanctuary State Will Be ‘Final’

Kate Steinle’s grieving parents fight back tears as they recall how a previously deported  illegal alien killed their daughter on San Francisco’s Pier 14 as her father watched. On November 1, the Department of Justice issued its latest final warning to California to drop its sanctuary status or risk losing millions of dollars in federal funding. In 2016, California...

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Will Congress Trade: E-Verify Bill for Ag Act?

Peach Orchard Owner and American Worker. For the fourth time since 2011, the House Judiciary Committee passed a mandatory E-Verify bill. None of the previous bills reached the full House for a floor vote. Then-Speaker John Boehner and current Speaker Paul Ryan, immigration advocates, wanted to protect big business interests and to insure that low-paid illegal immigrants remained readily...

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