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BLS May Report: Weaker than Anticipated; March, April Revisions Down, Bombshell in Footnotes

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported, in May, only 138,000 jobs were created, fewer than Wall Street’s estimated 185,000. According to Fox Business News, in a pre-release poll of 100,000 economists, the lowest predicted jobs total was 140,000. Coming in 2,000 jobs lower than the most pessimistic estimate proves how bad the May report is. More bad news: March totals were revised down...

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CAPS Launches Key Ad Campaign against California’s Sanctuary State Legislation

With a vote in the California Assembly coming soon on SB 54, sanctuary state legislation that would according to its author Senate President Kevin de León “freeze out” Immigration and Customs Enforcement from public schools, hospitals, court houses and other well-traveled venues, Californians for Population Stabilization has launched an ad campaign that aims to emphasize its...

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Just Turned 35? Too Old to Work in Tech

The H-1B visa is acknowledged as the greatest contributor to American IT job displacement. Last year, several stories about the H-1B’s deleterious effects on American engineers finally hit the headlines, more than 30 years after Congress created the visa. Abuse began immediately. Recently, another reason to get rid of the H-1B, age discrimination, got some long overdue publicity. UC Davis...

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On Memorial Day, Praying that Immigration Lobby Honors, Respects Vets’ Sacrifices

During the more than 20 years that I taught English as a Second Language in California’s San Joaquin Valley, I made a special point to explain to my students the significance of some major national holidays. While most understood Thanksgiving and Christmas, few knew who America honors on Memorial Day – the women and men who perished in the countless U.S. wars over the decades to...

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LAUSD Cries Foul after ICE Detains Student’s Father; Overlooked, Father is Fugitive from Justice

Apparently spurred by illegal immigrant Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez’s arrest as he dropped off his daughter at the Academia Advance campus, LAUSD officials announced a policy of “non-cooperation” with federal immigration officials, reaffirmed a 2016 measure that declared campuses “safe places” for illegal immigrants, and entered into partnerships with legal service...

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Maine Hospitality Industry, in Annual Labor Shortage Panic, Goes Out of the Box, Considers Higher Wages for Locals

Here’s an idea Los Angeles’ sanctuary-obsessed Mayor Eric Garcetti should consider: hosting a job fair to help the high percentage of unemployed locals, especially youths, get jobs. Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, all sanctuary havens, have the nation’s highest youth unemployment. High school dropout Carl Jackson, age 68, at the Masters; Congress...

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Sanctuary Lunacy Hits New High – Personal Homes Are Alien-Safe Zones!

Sanctuary cities, sanctuary counties, sanctuary states, sanctuary restaurants, sanctuary hospitals, sanctuary universities, sanctuary K-12 schools and now the jackpot absurdity, the sanctuary home. On the terrace of the Sheen home. A Malibu sanctuary home? As blogger Alan Tonelson wrote, quoting a pro-immigration advocate, “sanctuary homes are about...

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Multiple Enforcement Failures Lead to Senseless Slaughter of Engaged Boston Doctors

In Boston, a horrific, preventable crime occurred not because of the city’s sanctuary status, but because an immigration lawyer, the district attorney’s office, a municipal judge and disinterested FBI agents unwittingly conspired to keep a deportable green card holder in town. Here are the tragic details. Guinea-Bassau-born Bampumim Teixeira tied up and murdered Richard Field and his...

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California Senators Feinstein and Harris Propose Ag Amnesty

California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, along with Vermont’s Patrick Leahy, Colorado’s Michael Bennet and Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono, recently introduced the Agricultural Worker Program Act that would protect illegal alien farmworkers from deportation and, in a two-step process, eventually grant them citizenship. Feinstein, Leahy, three others...

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New Report Underlines Link between Immigration and Unsustainable Population Growth

For Americans concerned about rapid, unsustainable population growth, a newly released Pew Research Center report confirms that immigration has been its primary driver. The Pew study supplements its earlier findings about immigration’s effect on population surges. President Johnson signs Immigration Act; unsustainable population growth ensues. Pew provided...

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