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New Mexico's New Governor: Susana Martinez, American

In November, three candidates for major office, all Republicans of Hispanic ancestry, may be winners over their pro-amnesty Democratic rivals. And one of the reasons for their success is because they have joined us in the battle for sensible immigration policies. In the Nevada gubernatorial race, Brian Sandoval leads Rory Reid, son of Senate Majority leader Harry, by 20 points. The Florida...

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Gutierrez: Ineffective Congressional DREAM Act Advocate Declines To Run in Chicago Mayoral Race

Last week, U. S. Representative Luis Gutierrez announced that he will not run for Chicago mayor. Instead, according to Gutierrez, he’ll stay in Congress where he will remain in what he identified as his "important role" as a leader in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform and especially the DREAM Act. Give Gutierrez credit for unintentionally proving immigration restrictionists like us...

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CAPS Goes to Washington to Join Other Patriots; Our Message: Secure the Border

During the first weekend of October, Californians for Population Stabilization Chairman of the Board Marilyn Chandler DeYoung, Executive Director Jo Wideman and Marketing Communications Director Gretchen Pfaff convened in Washington D.C. to attend a four day series of immigration reduction and population stabilization meetings. The events were hosted by the Federation for American Immigration...

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What’s Next for Meg Whitman?

California’s gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman may have knowingly hired Mexican illegal alien Nicandra “Nicky” Diaz Santillan to work as a domestic in her home. Glorida Allred has jumped into vigorously defend Diaz while Whitman denies her culpability and charges her opponent Jerry Brown with using dirty tricks to fuel the whole ugly mess. That Whitman employed an illegal alien ranks about a...

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Auntie Zeituni Onyango: The Most Ungrateful Immigrant?

In my 25 year career as an adult education English as a second language instructor in California, I taught legal and illegal immigrant students from all over the world. After very little time on my job, I noticed they had one thing in common: a sense of entitlement that the free education they and their children received as well as the emergency medical benefits, pre- and postnatal care, legal...

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The “U” Visa: Another Way Illegal Aliens Can Avoid Deportation

In July, President Barack Obama’s Justice Department sued Arizona to set aside S.B. 1070, a state law that would allow authorities under certain circumstances to ask immigrants to prove they are legal U.S. residents. According to the Obama administration, S.B. 1070 is discriminatory and usurps the federal government’s power to determine immigration policy. The suit publicly confirmed what many...

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“Immigrants Will Learn English” — Don’t Bet On It

In her recent interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano touted comprehensive immigration reform, then immediately denied that such legislation would represent amnesty. Defending her position Napolitano said: “It's - it's earning citizenship - citizenship should be earned. It should be something that you earn by getting right with the law, learning English,...

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