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Enforcement Gives Jeopardized Habitat a Helping Hand

A trash-filled wash located below Arizona’s scenic Diablito Mountain, 21 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border at Nogales. Among the many positives that have accrued to American citizens during the Trump administration enforcement era is that the United States habitat has benefited. Understanding why is easy. Fewer illegal crossings, especially along the U.S.-Mexico border in...

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Bad Bureau of Labor Statistics September Report---Minus 33,000 Jobs

Hurricanes Irma, one of three storms blamed for weak September jobs report. Going into the Bureau of Labor Statistics release of it September jobs data, Wall Street was widely undecided about what the totals would show. The biggest question was whether the three hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Maria, would render the final job totals as misleading -- "Hurricane-Disrupted" is the...

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Congress Debates Four Amnesties, but No E-Verify Progress

Amnesties (four!) mean more population growth, fewer American jobs. Congressional amnesty discussions have Californians on edge. Once amnesty banter picks up on Capitol Hill, border crossings surge, and overpopulated California is a popular migrant destination. In April, border patrol agents reported only 11,125 apprehensions, a 17-year low, but in August the total had doubled to 22,...

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Brown Signs Bills to Alleviate Affordable Housing Shortage; Mum on Population Growth

Senate Pro Tem President Kevin de Leon Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and others at Hunter’s Point, an impoverished, crime-ridden neighborhood Sacramento legislator hopes to transform over the next decade into an affordable housing units. To address California’s affordable housing shortage, Governor Jerry Brown recently signed 15 cosmetic bills that will do little...

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Choice for Congress: More Illegal Immigration or Free College Educations for American HS Students?

$116 Billion Annual Illegal Immigration Cost Would Cover College Tuition Bills  Mathematicians have long strived for ways to help people understand what staggeringly large numbers mean. Grasping the concept behind the billions and trillions referred to in economic, physics or population reports often don’t convey the desired dramatic effect because readers can’t...

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Here Come the Giga-Mansions; There Go California’s Magnificent Hillsides

Home, Sweet, Home: 100,000-square-foot, $500 million monstrosity,  latest Los Angeles trend.  Not many Southern Californians know that there’s a 97-acre plot of undeveloped hillside property in tony Beverly Hills, famous 90210 zip code. But the precious land will soon be in developers’ hands, and a huge construction project will be underway. Make way for the mega-...

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California’s Illegal Immigration Tab: $23 Billion

California Taxpayers Shell Out $6,517 per illegal alien to fund services. The Federation for American Immigration reform recently published its latest analysis that measures illegal immigration’s cost to taxpayers. The study, titled “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers is here, and it provides a state-by-state breakdown. FAIR estimated that the...

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House Approves Self-Driving Auto Bill, Millions of American Jobs at Risk

Automation Should End Green Card Amnesties. In Congress, obsessed with health care reform and two competing amnesties---the Succeed Act and the DREAM Act--- the House of Representatives still found time to unanimously pass a bill to speed the introduction of self-driving cars into the market place. The bill authorizes the initial manufacture of 25,000 self-driving vehicles, a cap that...

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Global Poll Reflects Universal Concern about Migration, Refugee Resettlement

A 25-nation majority skeptical about immigration, refugee resettlement. With the Supreme Court poised to to hear the Trump administration’s refugee travel ban on October 10, with the RAISE Act bringing attention to the link between family-based migration and population growth, and with charges of racism or worse, hurled at Americans who want sensible immigration levels, a new poll...

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Motel 6 Goes Sanctuary, New Policy Protects Felons, Other Criminals

Legal Immigrants stand united against sanctuary policies. Sanctuary city quiz: if a sanctuary Motel 6 is located in sanctuary city Sacramento, the capital of sanctuary state California, is an illegal immigrant three-times as protected from federal law enforcement officers? For those who haven’t heard, Motel 6 recently announced that it would no longer voluntarily  turn over...

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