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AG Sessions Battles Back: California Sanctuary State Bill Puts ‘Lives and Livelihoods at Stake’

Sessions in Portland; Said Sanctuary Cites ‘Undermine the Moral Authority of the Law.’ In his speech that he delivered at Portland’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office, Sessions made an impassioned plea to every sanctuary jurisdiction to reconsider their policies.  Sessions specifically urged California Governor Jerry Brown, who has stated his...

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WSJ RAISE Act Column Wrong on Facts, Ignores Population Stabilization Component

Ending Chain Migration Helps American workers. The strongly pro-immigration Wall Street Journal is worried that the RAISE Act might block talented foreign-born scientists, engineers, and other professionals from coming to the United States. The Journal’s misleadingly titled commentary ”The Nobel Laureate Exclusion Act, No Future Geniuses Need Apply,” is wrong on its...

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SB 54 Passes, but Californians' Fight for Safe Communities Will Continue

Brown, de Leon Conspire to put criminal aliens back onto California’s streets. In a disappointing but hardly surprising decision, California lawmakers passed SB 54 along party lines, 27-11. Officially named the California Values Act, the approved SB 54 text is a somewhat diluted version of the original draft prepared for Governor Jerry Brown’s review. After talking with Brown...

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Non-Citizen Voting: the New Immigration Fad

College Park Council Approves Illegal Alien Voting in Local Elections, 4-3. For decades, the pro-immigration lobby has promoted the concept that non-citizens should be allowed to vote in local and federal elections. The argument immigration advocates push is that, after all, legally present aliens and even illegal aliens, are part of the community, many work, pay taxes and should...

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California Has the Nation’s Highest Poverty

Twenty Percent of Californians Live in Poverty. While Sacramento is promoting various bills that would restrict Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Census Bureau released data that suggests California should consider the effects more immigration has on the state’s well-being. An eye-popping one in five Californians lives in poverty. Using new methodology, the “...

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Frustrated New York Subway Riders Struggling with Over-Population Related Delays

75,000 subway delays monthly, overpopulation contributes to one-third of them. New York Times reporters have linked the city’s subway delays to overpopulation. As far-fetched as this may sound to the unaware, those that don’t follow the news about the nation’s soaring population, Times journalists Emma G. Fitzsimmons, Ford Fressenden and K.K. Rebecca Lai wrote in their...

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The Last Peach

Population Growth, Sprawl Threaten California’s Crops. For some, Labor Day marks summer’s end. For others, summer is over, symbolically at least, when the last peach vanishes from California’s farmer’s markets. The peach season is long, and with more than 2,000 varieties, a delight for consumers, and this year for growers too. According to the University of...

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Floridians Fleeing Irma Slowed by Gridlock, Too Many Cars Headed Out at Once

FL. Gov. Scott: Hurricane could have “life-threatening impacts from coast to coast. CAPS blog has previously made the connection between overpopulation, overcrowding, and the increased difficulty rescue crews endure when they try to do their jobs during natural disasters---protect people and their property. In July, during one of California’s annual wildfire outbreaks,...

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Let’s Make a Deal: Congress Wants DACA Amnesty, Americans Want E-Verify, RAISE Act

Trump can’t come away from DACA amnesty empty handed, needs E-Verify, RAISE Act in exchange. Batten down the hatches. President Trump’s rescinding of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) means that enforcement advocates face up to six months of a never-ending battle against Congress, the media, pro-amnesty lobbyists, lawyers, corporate executives, the Chamber of...

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Two Janitors’ Stories Show How High Immigration Leads to American Worker Displacement, and Creates Income Inequality

Apple’s richest okay with their immigrant employees earning $16.60 hourly without benefits. A fascinating New York Times story inadvertently underlined how high immigration contributes to American worker displacement, and further lines the pockets of the already fabulously wealthy.  Titled "A Tale of Two Janitors," the story focuses on Hispanic Maria Ramos...

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