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On Labor Day: Remembering Samuel Gompers Warning; ‘Lowest Possible Wage Workers’ will Overwhelm American Job Market

Defender of American Workers, Gompers’ Memorial in D.C. Almost a century ago, Samuel Gompers, a London-born immigrant and the American Federation of Labor founder, wrote a cautionary letter to Congress about the adverse effect of over-immigration on U.S. workers. In 1921, when Gompers wrote his letter, Congress was drafting legislation that eventually became the Immigration Act of...

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When Asked ‘How Many?’ Immigration Advocates Refuse to Answer

RAISE Act: Less Immigration, Slower Population  Growth Flummoxes Advocates. The RAISE Act, a bill that would over several years cut immigration by about 50 percent from the current one million annually to 500.000, lower the number of refugees the United States resettles, and end the Diversity Visa. The bill should spark an intelligent discussion about how to improve the current...

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MA Gov. Introduces Anti-Sanctuary Bill; Police Chiefs Endorse It

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has taken extraordinary steps to protect his Bay State residents. After the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that holding prisoners beyond their sentence, even with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer, violates state law, Gov. Baker introduced a bill that, for certain convicted criminal alien offenders, authorizes police to honor ICE...

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With SB 54 Vote Coming Soon, CAPS Goes to Sacramento to Urge its Defeat

Help Defeat SB 54, Protect California’s citizens and legal residents. The California Assembly is back from its summer break, and a vote is expected soon on SB 54, the bill that would severely limit cooperation between federal immigration authorities and local and state law enforcement. California would essentially become a sanctuary state. Governor Jerry Brown has indicated that he...

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Silicon Valley Systematically Shutting Out American Minorities

Report: In tech, Blacks, Latinos, Women under-employed. Silicon Valley has long abused the H-1B visa that grants foreign nationals permission to temporarily work in the United States. But the renewable visa is more permanent than temporary, and because it’s well known that most IT jobs go to visa holders, thousands of qualified American workers don’t apply. The tech sector is...

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In California’s Sanctuary City Santa Rosa, Another Preventable Death

The California Assembly has returned from summer recess, and high on its to do list is to vote on Senate Bill 54 that would expand sanctuary city policies to block federal immigration enforcement. SB 54 would prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies, including school police and security departments, from using resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect or arrest illegal...

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Trump Pushing E-Verify, Would Cut off Jobs Magnet for Illegal Immigrants

Mandatory E-Verify Essential to Protect American Workers  According to the latest U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services survey, user trust in E-Verify remains high. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores 85 out of a maximum 100 points. The survey found that existing 2016 customers gave E-Verify a 91 score with new users slightly higher at 92. The eighth annual review...

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Two EB-5 Scam Artists Convicted, Sentenced to Jail

Good news for common sense immigration proponents is always welcome. And when it involves a just jail sentence for scam artists which may also serve as a deterrent for future fraudsters, that’s a bonus. For years, CAPS has opposed the routinely abused EB-5 visa, often referred to as the citizenship-for-sale visa. For those who may need a refresher course on the EB-5, in exchange for a...

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Stressed Out Postcard from Yosemite….No Parking!

Yosemite traffic ruins one of America’s Treasures Two friends sent me a postcard that summarized their recent Yosemite weekend. From their Yosemite Valley Lodge balcony after hiking up Nevada Falls, my friends wrote: “Watching the crowds fight for a parking space and clog up the roads. There are so many people here. We spend our non-hiking time figuring out how to avoid all...

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Tale of Two Cities: Sessions Praises Miami, Scorns Chicago

On his recent visit to Miami, Attorney General Jeff Sessions praised Mayor Carlos Giménez for “his commitment to the rule of law and tireless work to keep the people of Miami-Dade safe.” In January, Giménez announced that Miami would end its sanctuary city policy, one of the factors that Sessions cited as part of its sharp violent crime drop. In the 1980s, Miami-Dade...

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