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Musings on a New Mexico Bird Rehabber, Illegal Border Crossers and Refugees

I almost blanched when my state’s governor, Susana Martinez, recently numbered among governors calling for no Syrian refugee admissions until the system can be fixed. I shed many tears watching the refugees trudging, exhausted, across hundreds of miles, with tiny children and a few possessions in hand. The “reception” they received was often callous, sometimes hateful. The...

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The Left: Demanding Only Silence on Overpopulation

I was recently, after a few emails back and forth, shrilly called “a real piece of work” by an employee of a major global population-reduction organization – one that refuses to look at population in the United States, apparently because the national corporate media (conveniently and, seemingly, profitably, for those who own them and benefit from flooded labor markets) have convinced them that to...

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On Our Innumeracy

When I blog, it will be almost exclusively about the United States, one of the three most overpopulated nations. That is due to our high numbers – third only behind China and India – our huge environmental footprint and that sleek, new side-by-side refrigerator I bought last spring. Al Bartlett, professor emeritus in physics at the University of Colorado, was a leading population and...

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No Overpopulation in Wonderland

Those hoping to stabilize population can’t succeed if most people consider the problem already solved. Politicians won’t address that which is not a hot-button issue, and population isn’t, because we are – thanks mostly to corporate media – ignorant about population or its potential to exacerbate every challenge facing us. Worse, it is not a hot-button issue because the national corporate media...

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