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LA Times Publishes CAPS’ Board Member’s Pro-Environment Letter

On July 17, the Los Angeles Times published my letter in response to its story, "Foes of Border Bill Focus on House." The text follows:    I chuckle when I see advocates of curbing immigration attacked for not being truly conservative. We're also attacked as just racists for not being truly liberal supporters of workers and the environment.    In...

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For a Sustainable Future, Reduce Immigration

The economics of immigration is much debated. Some economists and business interests suggest that immigrants grow the economy. Skeptics point out that immigrants increase the strain on resources and infrastructure, and each wave of immigrants competes for jobs with earlier arrivals, depressing earnings for all immigrants as well as citizens. But the most direct effect of immigration, legal and...

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Population Surpasses Economies of Scale

The Chamber of Commerce and trade associations often suggest that economic well-being depends on more growth. Their stance is dangerously outdated in today’s overpopulated California. Californians can no longer afford to confuse population growth with economic growth while our government goes bankrupt. Increasing the population made sense in the 1800s when California had few people. A...

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