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Gutting Family Planning Programs Will Only Increase Abortions

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras for three years. Family planning and birth control were rudimentary at best in that small, struggling Central American republic. Not coincidentally, there were many unplanned births and extremely rapid population growth. When I was in Honduras, its population was increasing by more than 3 percent annually, at a rate that would double its size every 20 to...

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Grading the ProPublica Series ‘Killing the Colorado’ on its Population Coverage

Not as Bad as Most, Not as Good as It Could and Should Be We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again till we’re blue in the face: the news media as a whole get a failing grade in their coverage of population and the environment. A big fat “F.” If reporters were in journalism school taking a class on “thorough environmental reporting” they would almost...

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Mother Nature Drugged with Our Pharmaceuticals

In 1996, pharmacologist and wildlife toxicologist Theo Colborn, Ph.D. (1927-2014) published her landmark book, Our Stolen Future, coauthored with Dianne Dumanoski and John Peterson Myers. It alerted Americans and the world to the increasingly widespread, subtle environmental threat posed by endocrine disrupting chemicals that mimic the female hormone estrogen. Our Stolen...

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Pollution Defiles Air Quality in California’s National Parks

I was so excited to be making my first-ever camping trip to Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park. My wife and I would inhale pure mountain air, scented with sequoias and Jeffrey pines. We would revel in the soaring granite spears and peaks, crenellated ridges and gleaming snowfields of the Sierra Nevada, all bathed in ethereal splendor, John Muir’s beloved “Range of Light.” We...

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Fabled Joshua Tree May Disappear from National Park Named for It

Drought, Climate Change Take Their Toll Up in Montana, the glaciers are melting rapidly in Glacier National Park due to a warming climate. Scientists have predicted that they will have vanished entirely within several decades. Alas, here in California, we have an analogous situation, our own “Glacier National Park” dilemma, as it were. Ironically, or perhaps tellingly, it’s in...

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Scientists Issue Humanity Another Warning…Yet Again

Human domination of the biosphere likened to rapid discharge of a battery With ever greater frequency it seems, reputable scientists are sounding the alarm that industrial human civilization is overpowering the Earth – or more properly the biosphere – and in so doing, risking its own well-being and maybe even its very survival. If they are right, man’s much vaunted “...

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House GOP Drought-Relief Bill Ignores Immigration and Population Growth

In late June, California Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a 170-page so-called drought-relief bill that they claimed would pump more water to besieged farmers in the Central Valley without abandoning safeguards for endangered fish in the Sacramento Delta. This stopgap measure, like virtually every dubious “solution” advanced with such fanfare by both...

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Peak Oil ≠ Peak Exports

Saudi Arabia must consume ever more of its oil to supply its own exploding population Saudi Arabia’s explosive population growth: The number of Saudis has increased by a staggering seven times in the last half-century. “Saudi Arabia is poised to break records for oil production this summer,” reports The Wall Street Journal, but this doesn...

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Book Review: ‘Presidents and the American Environment’ by CAPS Board Member Otis Graham

For about a dozen years during my ongoing three-decade career as an environmental planner and wildlife biologist, I consulted extensively for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. I assisted the Service in preparing comprehensive conservation plans (CCPs) and habitat management plans (HMPs) on about 50 national wildlife refuges (NWRs) around the country, reaching from the Caribbean to Alaska....

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Resolving Chronic Water Scarcity – ‘Waste Not, Want Not?’

When it comes to solving chronic and intensifying water shortages in the Southwest, including California, many politicians, journalists and even environmentalists apparently subscribe to the old adage of “Waste Not, Want Not.” And there is certainly an ounce of wisdom in this old saw, in everything from managing one’s own finances to managing public forests. Using a resource...

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