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On the Road in the Philippines: A Look at Mass Deforestation

Checkpoint for illegal logging in the Phillipines Traveling in Mindanao at the bottom of the Philippines this month, I decided to take a shortcut through the mountains to the west coast of the island where I heard there was good scuba diving. The road was in terrible shape due to massive landslides that came with typhoon rains weeks earlier. The raging, muddy rivers from...

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Consumerism Driving Immigration

In my last post, I left you with the one word that has become the most responsible for out-of-control illegal immigration (please always consider many of the same arguments against illegal immigration for legal immigration, as the two have become inseparable, and we need to curtail all immigration) into the United States. That word is consumerism. So if you read my first post, you can read this...

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Revisiting How we Got Here

I have been asked by CAPS to write a series of blog posts. I feel uniquely qualified to write about population growth caused by legal and illegal immigration as I've forgotten more about these subjects than most people will ever know. It’s not a blessing, but a curse. I feel like Renfield in “Dracula,” as it is my personal burden, maybe yours also, to see what is happening...

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