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Extremism Has a Hold on California

Last week’s visit to California by Attorney General Jeff Sessions showed just how extreme California’s leadership has become. For the elected officials of California who may have forgotten, the U.S. AG heads the United States Department of Justice and is the chief lawyer for the United States government. It’s kind of a big deal – rather an important position. Perhaps the...

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Quality of Life Diminishes for Californians –

A California that is aspirational, magical and trend-setting still lives in the imagination of many. The carefree West Coast known for something new called “surfing” inspired and lured the landlocked through films such as “Big Wednesday,” “The Endless Summer” and “Point Break” – before those, with surfing Gidget and Moondoggie. California...

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“Downsizing” in contemporary vernacular has come to be associated with reducing possessions – “stuff” – to live more simply. But in Alexander Payne’s new film, “Downsizing,” the word has a completely different meaning.   In this clever, highly original and quirky work of auteur Payne, downsizing means a human can be shrunk to a 5...

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A View of 2017 through Jobs

“Fake news” became a standard line in 2017, and it’s not surprising when looking at how news is reported now. It’s certainly taken unexpected turns and twists since my days in journalism school. How job growth/the unemployment picture is spun provides a good example.   The December 2017 jobs report came out last week, with, of course, the calendar year numbers. The...

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Remembering All that We’ve Lost by our Inhumanity

As November closed out, likely very few acknowledged the last day of the month as Remembrance Day for Lost Species. More attention was given the last week of the month to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the fall from grace of celebrity news host Matt Lauer, criticism of the White House Christmas décor and the failure of San Francisco’s justice system. Perhaps that’s...

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Limiting Access in America to Family Planning Has a High Cost

In a 163-page rule-changing document, “Religious Exemptions and Accommodations for Coverage of Certain Preventive Services Under the Affordable Care Act,” as of last month some U.S. women will have more difficulty obtaining birth control. Drafted in terminology invoking moral convictions and religion, the new rules roll back the contraception mandate in the Affordable Health Care (...

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Fur-Bearing Animals, Other Critters Being Driven to Extinction for Dinner

Hunting for food and purported medicinal products is threatening more than 300 species of mammals with extinction in what is being called a global crisis by The Royal Society, an independent scientific academy in the UK. According to a Royal Society study that focused on unsustainable hunting in the “wild meat” or “bushmeat” trade, most of the animals under attack are...

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A U.S. with One Billion People ‘Would be Amazing’

By so many objectives measures, and on a daily basis, the U.S. goes further down the rabbit hole on matters across the board. Today rule of law often is looked at askance. Facts are increasingly cherry-picked and massaged to accommodate an extreme POV. Common sense is at a premium, and what’s deemed politically correct is often so extreme that one has to wonder if one is living inside...

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Over-the-Dinner-Table Moralizing in ‘Blue Bloods’ Turns to ‘Who is an Immigrant?’

Recently I wrote about how the immigration topic, and often very particular positioning of it, is permeating all aspects of our culture. Another example popped up on Friday night’s CBS staple, “Blue Bloods,” with the episode Foreign Interference, which touched on sanctuary cities and “who is an immigrant?”   The show focuses on the multi-generational Reagan...

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Welcome to America … Land of Opportunities ...

Dunkin’ Donuts: the Schwab’s Drug Store of Discovering Immigrant Talent There may be no space remaining where the immigration debate isn’t present. I noticed a smattering of immigration-related posts the other day even on LinkedIn, known more as a place for professional networking and as the go-to site to host one’s business credentials. Mark D. Copoulos, a Philadelphia...

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