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Addicted to Growth

Documentary filmmaker Dave Gardner’s Growthbusters is a provocative look at our pattern of growth worship. It’s designed to be a wakeup call and raise awareness of the cultural programming that we’re all subject to that keeps us locked in a relentless pursuit of growth. He talked with me about his six-year journey in making the film, scheduled to be released in late October....

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Truth? You Can't Handle the Truth.

To see reason returned to discussion on policy issues would be so welcome – and so unlikely to happen anytime soon apparently. It turns out sometimes that debating on the facts and truth just isn't always actually conducive to groups that hold themselves out to support such ideals. The strange new world we live in. Media Matters, a Web-based nonprofit which...

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Man vs. Machine

Man vs. Machine is a long-running theme explored by futurists and well-mined by filmmakers and science fiction writers (I’m partial to Blade Runner and The Matrix). Machines (technology) taking over the world or machines “rebelling” are a most popular theme from I, Robot to the Terminator series. But in the “real world” on a day-to-day basis, our man vs. machines...

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Bill Maher Advocates for Small Families

While there’s lots of buzzing about last Thursday’s Republican presidential debate in Iowa, I’m still thinking (and chuckling) about the June Republican debate in New Hampshire – and the response to it from political commentator and comedian Bill Maher. Starting with moderator John King’s opening asking the candidates to say something about themselves, Maher then...

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Mexico 'running out of Mexicans to export'

In the July 28th edition of the Sacramento Bee, González Gutiérrez, consul general of Mexico, was quoted, saying, "As a natural consequence of us transforming from a rural to an urban society, we are running out of Mexicans to export. Our society's growing at a rate of 2.1 children per woman – in the 1970s it was more than five." Well, that sounds like some good news....

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$1 Billion: Cost of Illegal Alien Hospital Care in California

With the federal deficit for fiscal year 2011 projected to be $1.65 trillion, the largest in U.S. history (a number so large most people probably can’t even really conceptualize it), then perhaps $1 billion doesn’t sound like much money – to some people … a very few people … no one I know. So what is $1 billion? Here in California, according to the California...

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Traffic Congestion Costs Lives, Billions of Dollars in Public Health Costs

As I read a new study, “The Public Health Costs of Congestion/A Health Risk Assessment,” from The Harvard Center for Risk Analysis (HCRA), I couldn’t help but think of my personal living situation. When we moved to Los Angeles some 20 years ago, the directive from my other half was to find housing in Santa Monica, with the belief that air quality was better nearer the ocean. We ended up...

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The Deer Teacher: Learning About Human Overpopulation from our White-Tailed Friend

A June story that ran on NPR talked about the white-tailed deer, once a "rare creature across the East Coast," but now "widely overpopulated." According to the report, there are significant implications to this deer overpopulation, now estimated to be 20 million across the country. The consequences are nothing short of the ability of forests to survive long term with rich levels of biodiversity...

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Australia is Out Front on Population Matters

Australia is Out Front on Population Matters Australia isn’t keeping population matters in the outback; they are at the front of discussions. The Land Down Under has created its first population policy. The document, Sustainable Australia - Sustainable Communities / A Sustainable Population Policy Strategy for Australia, recognizes differing views among Australians as to increasing or...

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Immigration and Reconfiguring the U.S. Military

On a recent trip to Oklahoma, my travel route put me on the road bordering the east side of Tinker Air Force Base, a road I’d not traveled for several years. I noticed what looked like a large stock of very, very nice, new housing – military housing – a very tangible example of tax dollars at work. My mind immediately flashed to an April article in Foreign Policy magazine, entitled, "A Radical...

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