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Human Trafficking Worth Billions

By failing to effectively enforce U.S. immigration laws, our government essentially is supporting human trafficking. If that sounds outrageous, just read the May 19, 2011 article in the Sacramento Bee, "Truckloads of migrants a billion-dollar business," and view the accompanying images of humans stuffed into semi-trailer trucks to be smuggled into the United States. The article describes how...

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As if 9 Billion People Weren't Enough

Environmentalists such as former Vice President Al Gore have continued to sideline the overpopulation issue by citing estimates that global population will stabilize around 9 billion. The new United Nations report should have Gore and others scrambling to answer how they can continue not placing overpopulation at the top of the environmental agenda. The U.N. estimates now have the global...

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Scientists Warn of Water Demands Overshooting Supply by 40%

Through the years at CAPS, we’ve written about water shortages and pressure on water supplies. As we’ve followed the water story, there seem few indicators that there’s any easing of pressure on water supplies. Not surprisingly, mounting population pressures and climate change continue to be major culprits in this story. At an international meeting last month in Canada, the stark news out of the...

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Musings on Gandhi, Obama and Leadership

The Wall Street Journal recently reviewed a new book, "Great Soul," about Mahatma Gandhi that the reviewer, Andrew Roberts, describes as “generally admiring.” How much the book chips away at some of the Indian icon’s saintliness or how much it’s the reviewer, it’s hard to say (I’ve not read the book to judge for myself, and The New York Times review has another take on this very complex man...

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More People in California Lead to More Fires; More Fires Equal More Budget in Cash-Strapped State

California may be as well know for its natural disasters from floods, mudslides, earthquakes and fires as for the natural beauty of its coasts, mountains and famous parks such as Redwood, Sequoia and Yosemite. But how "natural" are some of these natural disasters? Increasingly, wildfires are the result of human activity. In 2008, more than 5,200 wildfires in Southern California were attributed...

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Tom Brokaw Loses His Journalistic Objectivity

My CAPS writing colleague, Rob Sanchez, wrote about NBC’s seriously flawed report from earlier this month, entitled, "Can America keep best, brightest immigrants?," and made some excellent points. This story has "stuck in my craw" since I first viewed it, and I’ve a few other thoughts to add to Rob’s. NBC’s Brian Williams introduced the story, saying, "How to take advantage of the large...

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Oscar-Nominated Film Weaves Illegal Immigration into Story Line

Director Alejandro González Iñárritu is known for weaving multiple themes into his movies, and his Oscar-nominated Biutiful (for best foreign film and best actor) is no exception. In a terrific example of art imitating life, Iñárritu poignantly weaves in story lines about illegal immigration. Iñárritu’s social commentary and art is broad and "big themed," but he doesn’t preach; he lets the story...

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New Report Finds California Has Lower Rate of Deporting Criminal Aliens vs. Other States

A new report from the Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Inspector General, found that California is not as successful at deporting criminal illegal aliens as some other states. About four in 100 criminal illegal aliens remain in the state when they should be deported. The report, "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Identification of Criminal Aliens in Federal and State Custody...

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Making Rabbits Blush

After writing about the extremely large (by contemporary standards) and still growing brood of the polygamist family on TLC’s “Sister Wives,” I would be remiss not to give equal time to the Duggar family, also of TLC fame. “Don’t Try This at Home.” That should be the disclaimer at the beginning and end of “19 Kids and Counting” (renamed from the...

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Is ‘Sovereignty’ the New ‘Dirty’ Word?

Sovereignty also sovranty … 1 a. supreme power esp. over a body politic, b. freedom from external control: AUTONOMY, c. controlling influence 2 one that is sovereign; esp: an autonomous state Political commentator and humorist Bill Maher last week kicked off a new season of his “Real Time” on HBO and asked, in a rather snarky manner, what’s all this “sovereign nation stuff?” Among some folks,...

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