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Rewilding Institute Founder Speaks About the Crowding Out of Wild Things

As part of the CAPS Open Dialogue Program, renowned environmentalist Dave Foreman spoke recently in Santa Barbara and at the Urban Studies Department at CalState Northridge. Claude Willey, Cal State lecturer; Jo Wideman, CAPS director and Dave Foreman, author, at April 1 Northridge event. Foreman has authored several books, including Take Back Conservation...

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Today is World Water Day

As I begin Day 6 of suffering through some miserable spring cold-sinus-head thing that’s got me headache-y, ache-y overall and feverish – and am working to form some relevant thoughts connecting World Water Day to what we do here at CAPS – I can’t help thinking how many of us in the Western World take water for granted. A temperature periodically running a couple of degrees above normal makes me...

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Choose Your Immigrants Wisely, Says Coulter

“I don’t think Republicans have an obligation to forgive lawbreaking just because the Democrats need another 30 million voters,” said author Ann Coulter, referring to the number of Republicans who are talking about supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. The polarizing pundit met former Newsweek journalist Mickey Kaus in what was described as a debate this past weekend at the annual Conservative...

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Nov. 11: Honoring American WWII Veterans

Yesterday I learned that the last of my father’s siblings had died this month. Uncle Gus was one of six children – all except one emigrated to the United States from Greece. Reading the obituary, I learned he was a U.S. Army veteran who had earned six bronze battle stars (the things one doesn’t know about one’s family, certainly when ties haven’t been maintained)....

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Join the Population Discussion in October!

I think the overpopulation issue may be gaining some momentum! Here are a few happenings that you can participate in this month – or, to the first item below, at least support in spirit (the deadline to participate in the actual event has passed … yes, I’m sure many of you will be sad to hear that): October 18 is World Vasectomy Day. WVD is being billed as “the...

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Bad News for Girls in Overpopulated India, China

A daughter is a burden on her father’s head.                                                          ...

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The Spoils of the Political Machine – Napolitano’s Move to Kalifornia

Last month, Janet Napolitano, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, announced she’d be resigning from that job. The former Arizona governor now is slated to be the next president of the 10-campus University of California system, in another case of failing upwards. Despite Napolitano’s claims that the U.S. border is more secure than ever, after four and one-half years...

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Crocodile Hunter’s Teen Daughter Back in the News on World Issue

Bindi Irwin, the teenage daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, has been gaining recognition in her own right. Aside from carrying on the work of her father, she is making a bit of a name as a young populationist. Earlier in the year, I wrote about a bit of a dust-up related to an essay Bindi had written for the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Bindi’s references to...

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Now Entering the SyFy Zone

How can we humans fight climate change? Build a machine to vacuum up greenhouse gases from our upper atmosphere? Shoot sunlight-reflecting particles into the air? Sound like SyFy? Well, maybe today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s new technology. We’ll see. But for now, as reported by NBC News, the CIA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA are putting...

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Memo to Earth: Expect 11 Billion People by 2100

July 11th was World Population Day, an annual event begun by the United Nations to build awareness about population growth and its impacts. The news in this 25th year of the event is discouraging. The UN last month announced upwards revisions of earlier growth projections made just two years ago. In only a dozen years, world population – now at 7.1 billion – is estimated to...

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