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"Sticks and Stones..."

Most of us grew up hearing the phrase, "Sticks and stone will break you bones but words will never harm you!"  This was our parents' way of telling us to ignore what school bullies said to us in an effort to intimidate us. You may be wondering why I am resurrecting an old adage when I generally focus my writings on the multitude of issues that make up the immigration issue.  In reality, you will...

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War of Words

While much is being made of the anger of many Americans with their government, journalists are often the accomplices of the politicians who attempt to dupe the citizens of our nation. Few Americans actually read proposed legislation but take the words of the journalists who report on legislative matters.  Back in high school and even in college, overworked students often resorted to reading "...

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The Sting

The MSN Encarta online dictionary provides a number of definitions for the word “sting.” The 8th definition for this word is as follows: orchestrated swindle: an underhanded scheme, especially a carefully planned and orchestrated swindle ( slang ) In the film, “The Sting” Paul Newman and Robert Redford carried out a number of stings or swindles during the 1930's in which they planned con men...

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