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Reflections on Earth Day

The first Earth Day was Saturday, April 22, 1970, and was unprecedented and thoroughly astonishing. No government or large civic group hatched the idea of a global coming-together of students and anybody else in downtown settings, schools and college campuses for a great "teach-in," somewhat in the model of the anti-Vietnam war gatherings. Beyond this idea, the founder, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord...

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Seeking Black Leadership on ‘Immigration Reform’

The 50th anniversary this past August of Martin Luther King’s “March on Washington” speech seemed a prime occasion (his birthday just passed this month was another) for the nation’s self-appointed civil rights leaders, as well as journalists and academic pundits, to express illuminating opinions on pending legislation affecting African-Americans, if there was any. Apparently, there was not, as...

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An Overpopulation Library

A housing downsize forced me (and someday, perhaps, you) to accept the need to limit and thin my library. I arbitrarily allocated a yard of shelf space to the books that most educated me on the global “human overpopulation problem” of modern times. I anchored my collection with Parson Thomas Malthus and John Stuart Mill, who soon seemed long ago and an ocean away. Browsing the...

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Is Sustainability Possible?

Sustainability is an idea crafted at a UN Conference in 1987, defined in the report Our Common Future as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The idea expressed by the sentence was to create a common ground and purpose for world-minded people who go to or follow the doings of  UN...

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Earth Day 2012

Impressed by the reform energies and media coverage generated by campus anti-war and pro-civil rights protests in the late 1960s, Senator Gaylord Nelson began to plan for a “national teach-in on the environment.” Against all odds, “Earth Day” took place across the country on Saturday, April 22, 1970. Students at an estimated 2,000 colleges and 10,000 high school campuses...

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"The Hispanic Vote": An Insult Latinos Can Do Without

This blog was first published on the Center for Immigration Studies' website. Everybody I talk to is in a foul mood about the condition and performance of American politics and government. And my topic in this blog does start out as another of the many discouraging malfunctions that would earn our politics a formal downgrade if political systems had to face the equivalent of a Standard and...

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