Money Doesn’t Buy Everything – Yet

An old joke is that America has the best government that money can buy. Sadly, this joke becomes less and less funny as it becomes more and more true. The undeniable trend is that lobbyists with big bucks are buying politicians, and bidding them to ignore the concerns of most Americans.

Time May Be Running Out on Obama’s Executive Action

One thing President Obama’s executive action amnesty is not, despite the White House and the Department of Justice’s insistence, is an emergency measure. There’s no urgency to granting work permits, Social Security numbers, welfare benefits and earned income tax credits to 5 million illegal immigrants. Some have lived in the U.S.

A Recap: Obama's Unlawful Immigration Amnesty Has No Appeal

For years the Obama administration has run roughshod over the immigration system. It is inconceivable that any rational leader would refuse to enforce immigration laws that serve as America’s first line of defense and last line of defense against international terrorists and transnational criminals, especially in this perilous era.

White House Beats Congress to the Punch; Aliens Enlisting in Military

While the House of Representatives ponders two amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow illegal aliens to enroll in the military, the White House has decided not to wait for the debate’s outcome.

NY Times Wants Readers to Question Nonresponsive Hillary Clinton; CAPS Responds

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick is understandably miffed by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s reluctance to answer questions – she’s only responded to seven since declaring on April 12. Hoping to get something out of Clinton, Chozick urged readers to submit their own questions via Facebook to The New York Times Politics and Washington page.

Obama Twists Truth for Amnesty Decrees

Barack Obama is not a man to let honesty, principles and laws stand in the way of his political agenda. His arbitrary decrees offering amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal aliens are proof enough of this point, especially given the fact that prior to those decrees he admitted on numerous occasions that he didn’t have the legal authority to issue them.

DHS to Border Patrol: Ignore Drunken Illegal Immigrants

Texas U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen’s ruling to delay implementation of President Obama’s executive action is the first step of what might be a long process. The case now moves to the Fifth Circuit Appeals court where weeks may pass before its opinion is issued.

NYC Mayor, Brown and Pelosi Take the Uber Casual Approach to Citizenship

Just what does New York Mayor Bill de Blasio think that citizenship means? The question arises after his recent comment about illegal aliens receiving the newly issued New York City municipal identification card. The card enables foreigners illegally residing in New York to sign rental agreements, open bank accounts and access health care. The card also gives them hefty discounts on admission to such places as the Bronx Zoo, New York City Ballet and Carnegie Hall.

Major Achievement: House Votes to Defund Obama’s Executive Actions

Today, the House of Representatives took a major step forward to block President Obama’s executive action that will grant up to 5 million illegal immigrants temporary legal status, work permits and Social Security numbers.

Harm to Americans from Obama Amnesty ‘Immeasurable,’ Says TX Rep. Louis Gohmert

Americans hoping to see sensible immigration reform during 2014 were flat out of luck. Instead of getting border security, interior enforcement, an end to birthright citizenship and mandated E-Verify, President Obama delivered the opposite.