Obama’s ‘Gift’ to International Terrorists: Immigration Executive Action

The December 11, 2014, Fox News article, “Fox News Poll: 81 percent expect ISIS attack on US, majority says keep Gitmo open,” makes it clear that the threat of a terror attack, carried out on U.S. soil, is of great concern to the overwhelming majority of American citizens.

Sheriffs in DC: Border Crisis Getting ‘Worse and Worse’

On December 10, the same day that Congress wrangled unsuccessfully with its $1.1 trillion budget bill that has controversial immigration amnesty provisions, an estimated 200 sheriffs from across the U.S. protested on Capitol Hill.

For the Umpteenth Time, Illegal Aliens Are Not ‘In the Shadows,” but Much in the Public Displaying Contempt for Law

Illegal immigrants are still, according to reporters who write sympathetically about them, advocates who lobby on their behalf and politicians who ap

White House Promises Border Security, but DHS Memo Authorizes More Discretion

While President Obama is touting his immigration order as a commonsense solution to fixing the proverbial “broken immigration system,” law enforcement officers in border states are getting an altogether different message from the Department of Homeland Security.

Reagan and Bush Didn’t Do What Obama Did

Amnesty advocates are frantically grasping at legal straws in an attempt to justify President Obama’s most recent unlawful edict granting legal status and work permits to illegal aliens. One claim is that Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush did the same thing during their administrations, thereby providing a legal precedent for Obama to do what he did.

Obama Offers to Wash Boehner’s Car, Walk his Dog in Exchange for Amnesty Vote

Here’s a quick review of what Americans need to know as the Obama executive amnesty debate intensifies. Keep these things in mind the next time President Obama says, “Just pass a bill.”

Picking Apart Obama’s Duplicitous Immigration Address

Watching President Obama’s immigration speech last night was a tough slog. Americans who have been following the president’s steadfast refusal to enforce immigration laws since his inauguration can be forgiven if they spent most of the evening slack-jawed. Obama’s speech defied logic and contradicted fact.

Obama to Recklessly Grant Administrative Amnesty

At 8:00 PM EST, President Obama will finally deliver on his promise to grant an administrative amnesty to about 5 million illegal aliens.  Even though Obama’s unconstitutional legalization has been anticipated for weeks, it’s disheartening to have official confirmation that the president doesn’t govern with Americans’ common good as his goal.

Republican Rout but Americans Should Remain On Guard

Last night, the GOP scored greater than anticipated gains, won Senate control 52-45 and has a more powerful grasp on the House with at least 242 seats, a historic majority. At this writing some results are still pending.

GOP Hardliners Predict 2015 Amnesty

Since comprehensive immigration reform is likely dead in 2014, desperate-for-copy pro-amnesty journalists have turned their attention to 2015 when, they report, the chances for success might increase even if the GOP controls the Senate.