No, Thanks, I’ll Walk

Imagine my profound unhappiness when I got into a Washington D.C. taxi and was immediately barraged by a televised amnesty advertisement.

TV ads in taxis promote amnesty

Taxis are used to promote amnesty. Is there nowhere to escape immigration lobbying?

Congress Must Check Obama’s Power

In response to President Obama’s threats to proclaim a new amnesty edict, the House passed a bill to curtail such actions. Specifically it would defund the DACA amnesty, proclaimed by Obama two years ago, which granted legal status and work permits to illegal aliens in the Dream Act category. It also would ban future edicts of this type. The measure is symbolic because the Democrat-majority Senate won’t pass it.

Illegal Alien Kiddie Colonists Invited by Obama Administration

Would you send your ten-year-old child to travel unaccompanied 1,000 miles from Guatemala to the United States – riding on top of gang-infested trains? It’s quite commonplace south of the border. So much for “immigrant family values.”

Tech Support

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen may not have the name recognition that, say, a Mark Zuckerberg does, but she may wield even more power than he does.

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You: Unaccompanied Aliens!

Texas’ Rio Grande Valley is nearly 1,500 miles from Lawrenceville, Virginia. Despite the distance, the Obama administration thought it a good idea to house some of the illegal aliens pouring across the Southwest border at Lawrenceville’s St. Paul’s College, a recently closed, historically black college.

New Border Policy: ‘You’re Free. You Can Leave.’

When illegal immigrant Maria and her two children arrived in El Paso from Guatemala, the first words they heard from immigration officials were the ones they’d been hoping for: “You’re free. You can leave.”

Mountainous Paperwork Piles Would Overwhelm Agencies if Amnesty Passes

Americans have heard endlessly about the supposed benefits of passing the House immigration bill, H.R. 15. But little is said about the bureaucratic nightmare involved in legalizing 12 million illegal immigrants and welcoming more than 20 million foreign-born workers during the first decade after the bill becomes law.

ENLIST Threat Heats Up; Advocates Hoping to Steamroll Logic

Congressional politics at its most craven is in full bloom this week. Although the jobs market is in the dumps and the economy in the tank, the ongoing, by hook or by crook effort to pass a comprehensive immigration amnesty has intensified in recent weeks.

White House Turns Up Amnesty Volume

When it comes to promoting its disastrous immigration vision, the White House never misses an opportunity to push its agenda. Every day is a good day to advance amnesty.

Bishops Say Mass at the Border; Catholic Lay Want Enforcement