The American Lung Association’s Latest Air Pollution Report Is Out… And It’s Bad News For California

How can we tackle air pollution in California without addressing its root cause?  


Jaw-Dropping: A California Native Describes What Illegal Immigration Did To her Community

It's critical for lawmakers to hear the concerns of working-class Americans who see first hand what illegal immigration has done to their communities.
One such story was recently posted in Townhall by Beth Bauman who grew up in southern California and saw her community transformed by illegal immigration.

Extremism Has a Hold on California

Brown vs. Session in California

Quality of Life Diminishes for Californians –

Oscar Night 2018

What if Brown’s Right about Winter Wildfires ‘the new normal’?

thomas fire rages is California
Census Bureau projects show Santa Barbara at increasing risk from wildfire loss.

California Wildfires: People Overage, Water Shortage

thomas fire
Massive Wildfires Engulf Santa Barbara, Ventura

Steinle Trial Moves forward, but Congressional Anti-Sanctuary Bills Remain Stuck in Swamp

Artist Sketch of Steinle Trail
Testimony begins in San Francisco Sanctuary City, Kate Steinle Trial.

AG Sessions Battles Back: California Sanctuary State Bill Puts ‘Lives and Livelihoods at Stake’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions at podium
Sessions in Portland; Said Sanctuary Cites ‘Undermine
the Moral Authority of the Law.’

SB 54 Passes, but Californians' Fight for Safe Communities Will Continue

Gov Brown heads together with Sen de Leon
Brown, de Leon Conspire to put criminal aliens back onto California’s streets.

California Has the Nation’s Highest Poverty

Twenty Percent of Californians Live in Poverty
Twenty Percent of Californians Live in Poverty.