Post-CBS H-1B Whitewashing, another Fraud Indictment

CBS recently aired a “60 Minutes” H-1B visa segment that only hinted at this visa’s multiple inherent flaws. Since Congress created the H-1B as part of the Immigration Act of 1990, fraud in the non-immigrant, employment-based visa has been rampant.

A sampling:

Trump Announces VOICE, a New DHS Office for American Victims of Illegal Immigrant Crime

One of the most compelling moments during President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress came when he announced that the Department of Homeland Security would form a new national office to assist the American victims of immigrant crime.

DACA Recipients Include Identity Theft Criminals

Immigration enforcement advocates can’t figure out why President Donald Trump is reneging on his campaign pledge to “immediately terminate” deferred action for childhood arrivals.

New Immigration Targets for Trump: Canceling J and K Visas, Ending Marriage Fraud

Mariya Chernykh, the Russian immigrant whose husband was a co-conspirator in the December 2015 San Bernardino terrorist shooting that killed 14 and seriously injured 22, admitted that her marriage to Enrique Marquez was a sham. Marquez is an Islam convert who purchased two of the guns used in the slaughter.

Remembering the California Victims of Terrorist Couple’s Evildoing

San Bernardino has become one more American city that will be remembered for being the site of a mass shooting.

DHS: Criminal Entity

Since breaking immigration law is a crime, then the Department of Homeland Security which actively undermines those laws, seemingly at every opportunity, should be considered a criminal entity.

Immigration Failures – Terrorism, Jobs, Bogus Citizenship – Highlighted in Three-Day Period

In 30 years of studying and writing about immigration, no 72-hour period has better proven the disaster of U.S. policy on so many fronts, including refugee resettlement, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the employment-based H-1B visa.

LA County Planning Restrictions on Immigrant Fraud

Los Angeles County Supervisors are considering cracking down on unscrupulous immigrants who take advantage of their naïve countrymen. Recently, officials voted 5-0 to establish licensing requirements for so-called immigration consultants.

On U.S. Immigration, Laos Calls the Shots

When tiny Laos can bully the United States on an immigration matter, the nation has hit an enforcement rock bottom.

According to the 2016 Index of Economic Freedom, Laos has a population of 6.9 million, $34.4 billion GDP, and a $5,000 per capita income. Communist Laos, where 75 percent of the workforce is employed in sustenance farming, is, according to the index, systematically corrupt and chronically in debt.

Ecuadoran Aliens Score Trifecta in Massachusetts

Crime, Job Displacement and Population Growth