Illegal Alien Crime Wave Continues; Sign CAPS Petition to End Sanctuary Cities

On and on goes illegal alien crime. The latest incident took place in Santa Clarita, California, and involves a 26-year-old Filipino national, Keane Dean, who had been targeted for deportation. Dean’s previous convictions included a 2008 lewd public behavior charge, a 2014 indecent exposure charge and burglary.

Fresno County Program Expedites Criminal Alien Deportation

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims found an easy solution to deporting criminal aliens and helping protect the community she serves. Mims put Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents inside Fresno’s jails to conduct backgrounds checks on suspects and inmates to ensure that they “don’t fall between the cracks.”

Sanctuary Cities and Collateral Damage

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “collateral damage” as “deaths, injuries, and damage to the property of people who are not in the military that happen as a result of the fighting in a war.”

Sanctuary City Supporters Incoherently Blame Congress for Kate Steinle’s Murder

Suddenly, some of the most ardent illegal immigration supporters have little to say. Kate Steinle’s senseless murder in the sanctuary city of San Francisco allegedly by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal alien and multiple felon, has muted their voices or forced them to nonsensically attempt to shift the blame on who else but Republicans for not passing comprehensive immigration reform – as if amnesty could have saved Steinle’s life.

Texas Moves to Curb Gang Crime; California Does Nothing

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, who led the 26-state coalition’s lawsuit against President Obama’s unilateral executive action amnesty, has taken another step toward curbing illegal immigration. Abbott’s move is bold, and one that California’s Jerry Brown should, but won’t, consider.

Seven Years after Murder, a Father Still Wonders Why an Alien Wasn’t Deported

Although opinions about illegal immigration vary widely and are passionately argued on both sides, everyone should be able to agree that in the name of public safety, criminal aliens must be deported.

Vermont Wakes Up to Fraudulently Obtained State-Issued Driver’s Privilege Cards; When Will California?

The 19 terrorists complicit in the 9/11 murderous attacks on America held a total of 30 state-issued driver’s licenses which they used for identification to enroll in flight schools, rent apartments, open bank accounts and board airliners.

Obama Rewards Felons and Fugitives with Work Permits

Right smack in the middle of what would be another lackluster Bureau of Labor Statistics December jobs report, the Obama administration announced that, effective December 23, it would grant work authorization to all aliens released by Immigration and Customs and Enforcement.

Rule of Law Falls as Administration Goes to Pot

Most people are aware that the state of Colorado is now permitting, to a limited extent, the possession and sale of marijuana. Prior to this move, the Obama Administration announced, as noted by CNN, that it wouldn’t “challenge Colorado or other states legalizing recreational marijuana.”

DHS and Alien Smugglers: Partners In Crime

Just when you thought you had seen it all, something comes along to remind you that, as my dad used to say, “Nothing is so good that it couldn't be better or so bad that it couldn't get worse!”

For decades, a succession of administrations from both political parties made a mockery of our nation's borders and immigration laws by not securing the borders and not enforcing the immigration laws from within the interior of the United States.

Furthermore, immigration benefit fraud completed the lawless “trifecta.”