Dream Act

Some DREAMers Not ‘Good People’

Here’s a good example of how crazy the debate about what to do with the DREAMers is. Listen to this interview that features Jirayut Latthivongskorn, the first confessed illegal immigrant enrolled in the University of California system as a medical school student at UC San Francisco. Latthivongskorn’s family came to the United States on a tourist visa from Thailand, and never went home.

4-4 Supreme Court Tie Equals Big Win for CAPS, Immigration Reform Patriots

I’m in Washington D.C. for the week, and anxiously awaited the Supreme Court decision on United States v. Texas that would decide whether President Obama’s deferred action amnesties for approximately five million aliens would go forward.

New York Joins Calif., Others in Giving Teaching Credentials to DREAMers

New York State will soon approve legislation that will allow illegal immigrants who have temporary legal status, DREAMers, to teach in public schools. The Board of Regents voted to allow deferred action for childhood arrivals to apply for state certification and teaching licenses, assuming they have met the other requirements and passed the necessary tests.

Obama Concocts Legal Pretexts for Amnesty Edicts

President Obama seems determined to issue an edict granting amnesty to illegal aliens, probably millions of them, before the end of the year. He broke his promise to proclaim it by the end of summer, to avoid a backlash against his party in the November elections, but now many observers say he will issue his decree sometime in December.

Flow of Minor Illegal Aliens Continues, ‘NIMBY’ Emerges from Supporters

The crisis along America's southwest border continues to be the lead story for news organizations across the United States and beyond. For weeks, thousands of unaccompanied minor illegal aliens have flooded across U.S. borders in record numbers, often seeking Border Patrol agents to whom they surrender.

DREAM Act, Defeated Dozens of Times, Resurfaces

The impossible-to-kill DREAM Act has again bubbled to the surface. Although multiple versions of the federal DREAM Act have been defeated for 12 years since Illinois Senator Richard Durbin first introduced it in 2001, the legislation routinely reappears. Now, according to The Hill, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte are in the “early stages” of drafting DREAM legislation.

In his statement, Goodlatte said:

California Dream Act Kicks In: 20,000 Aliens Line Up for Taxpayer Subsidized Tuition

Before October 2011 when Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Dream Act, CAPS launched a vigorous campaign to warn citizens of the legislation’s cost and consequences. Through FAXes, website blogs and columns, CAPS alerted Californians that the Dream Act would add to the state’s multi-billion dollar debt burden and would also, since there are a fixed number of freshman seats, displace deserving citizen children.