Economic Opportunity

TPP Teetering, Could Be Doomed

During President Obama’s administration, American workers have had little to cheer about. Since his 2009 inauguration, 67 percent of new jobs have gone to legal and illegal immigrants.

Senate Introduces Worker Protection Bill

Sold Out Exposes Extent of Corporate Greed, Visa Abuse

November BLS: Another Ho-Hummer

The November Bureau of Labor Statistics report is the latest in a seemingly never-ending series of ho-hummers that included some marginally good news, but with plenty of bad mixed in.

H-1B Visa Program Called ‘Tremendous Threat to American Professionals’

Now I know why my son, an engineering graduate, struggled so long to find his first job!

In December 2014, I was a proud father. My 22-year-old son had endured four years of one of the most grueling majors in higher education – electrical engineering – and had just graduated with a respectable GPA from one of the top engineering colleges in the country – Virginia Tech.

Give Vets a Fair Shot at Jobs; Lower Immigration, Give Fewer Work Permits

For returning veterans, the recent employment news is encouraging. In October, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that veteran unemployment fell to 3.9 percent, a seven-year low. Recently returned veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan fared less well; 4.6 percent could not find employment.

White House, Silicon Valley Unite to Help Syrians; Americans Need Not Apply for Similar Assistance

An imposing line-up of well-funded, influential pro-amnesty and pro-open borders allies have teamed up to use their money, sway and skills to rush to assist Syrian refugees. Their actions could accelerate the Syrian influx into the United States.

Hailing a Taxi Soon May Have New Wrinkle – No Driver!

Shortly after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its rotten September report in which the economy created a meager 142,000 jobs, Japan announced that it was experimenting with driverless taxis. The first trail run will take about 50 passengers from their suburban Tokyo homes to supermarkets located along the city’s main road.

Toys“R”Us Exposed: Another H-1B Abuser

Add Toys“R”Us to the already prominent list of companies that abuse the H-1B visa to intentionally displace American workers. Among those on the growing list are Disney, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Cargill, Southern California Edison, New York Life, Pfizer and Harley-Davidson.

Rare Win for American Workers

Victories over corporations that abuse immigration law to hire cheap labor are few and far between. When they occur, as happened in August, they should be celebrated.

8 Million American Workers Are Unemployed, While 8 Million Illegal Aliens Are Working, Mostly in Nonfarm Jobs

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2012 illegal immigrants made up about 5.1 percent of the labor force. About 8.1 million aliens had jobs, and contrary to popular opinion, many of them were not in agriculture, but in occupations Americans dominate.