Economic Opportunity

August 2015 BLS Report: Female Workers Losing Ground to Immigrants

Women hoping to work to supplement the family income or to replace lost incomes when their husbands were fired or laid off had a rough August. Ditto for young college female graduates trying to land their first job, current university enrollees who want to offset their rising tuition costs or retirees seeking to generate extra cash to meet expenses.

Summer 2015: American Youth Shut Out

A website that specializes in placing temporary foreign-born workers in summer jobs inadvertently proves why critics oppose the J-1 visa. Regardless of the season, the placement agency offers employers young workers from “more than 15 countries” who will come to the U.S. as part of the discredited “Work and Travel U.S.” program. Touted as a valuable foreign exchange, goodwill building tool that will enhance international relationships, Work and Travel U.S.

Number of Stay-at-Home Young Adults Continues Increasing

Large numbers of young adults are remaining at home after they complete their education. A recent study by the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. found that “The share of young people living with their parents has increased relative to pre-recession rates for all labor force status groups. The share of 18-to-34-year-olds living at home might not fully return to pre-recession rates....

GOP Debate Ignores Big Question: How Much More Immigration?

July BLS Report Provides Answer: Little if Any

Immigration Optimism Borders on Psychosis

Immigration enthusiasts have an optimism that borders on psychosis. If anyone suggests that the current policy of mass immigration is causing problems, they resoundingly reply – after the fashion of Voltaire’s Pangloss – that we have the best of all possible policies. Are immigrants not assimilating? “Don’t worry,” the enthusiasts enthuse, “They used to say that about the Irish and the Italians, but everything worked out just fine. And so it will again!”

German Chancellor Merkel Explains to Teen Why Her Guest Worker Family Must Go Home

In a conversation with a Palestinian teenager whose family is seeking asylum, German Chancellor Angela Merkel compassionately explained that Germany simply cannot accommodate all the prospective refugees from Lebanon, Africa and other troubled countries around the world.

On Trade, WikiLeaks Reveals What White House Wouldn’t: the Plan to Undermine American Workers

In a shameful, unprecedented rejection of the voters who elected them, congressional Republicans fell all over themselves last week to pass fast-track Obamatrade that will greatly affect the U.S economy and put American jobs at risk. These are the same Republicans, led by Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner, who vowed last November to fight Obama’s executive overreach.

Economists on June Bureau of Labor Statistics Report: ‘Certainly Disappointing’

While the White House boasts about the addition of 223,000 new jobs in June and the dip in the unemployment rate to 5.3 percent, some impartial economists interpret the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report (June) more critically.

Hidden behind the Budget’s Happy Headlines, Californians Can’t Afford to Buy a House

California is flush, or so it would seem. Recent headlines cheered a soaring budget surplus that may have increased by $8 billion over the last several months. The total is four times the original $2 billion estimate and is attributable to stronger-than-anticipated income tax receipts.

Automation Will Silence the Alarmists

Immigration enthusiasts endlessly squawk – despite our high rate of unemployment – that the sky most surely will fall on the U.S. economy if we don’t keep our doors wide open to foreign workers. Skilled or unskilled, it doesn’t matter – we need them now, and for evermore.